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The Central Hub (CH) is at the heart of the strategy, coordination, communication and administration of AnaEE-ERIC. It also manages the AnaEE web portal that gives access to all the resources of the organisation.  With a distributed infrastructure including over 100 national facilities, 3 supranational Service Centres and a variety of users and stakeholders, the development and operation of this Central Hub is crucial for the overall success of AnaEE.

Central Hub


The role of the AnaEE Technology Centre (TC) is to watch and develop new emerging technologies and ensure that instrumentation and methods are coordinated among the facilities. The AnaEE-TC is also responsible for the spin-off of new technologies developed within AnaEE, as well as for coordinating the training of users and facility operators.

Technology Centre


The AnaEE Interface and Synthesis Centre (ISC) is responsible for the overall integration of the results obtained thanks to AnaEE RI. It prepares synthesis and opinion papers on behalf of AnaEE, watches for emerging societal needs, answers to demands from the society, economy, and policy makers. It is also responsible for the training and outreach.

Interface and Synthesis Centre


The AnaEE Data and Modelling Centre (DMC) is responsible for the processing of the data and metadata, the provision of data to the users (either the direct users or the community), the access to the models and model factory. It also organizes workshops and training for users and AnaEE staff.
Data and Modelling Centre


The facilities remain the property of their respective country/institution. They are linked by Service Level Agreements, signed between the ERIC and the host institutions, which describes the services given by the ERIC to the facilities, and from the faciltiy to the ERIC.

The organizing of services by AnaEE-ERI

Submitted on June 19, 2020

Updated on May 29, 2024