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anaee platforms distribution

AnaEE-ERIC is a key player when addressing the ecological sustainability challenge for Europe. At the core are the distributed experimental facilities that can impose multiple global change drivers to quantify the role of each of these drivers of change and to identify their interactions.

These facilities have been selected on several criteria:

● State of the art instrumentation, following the AnaEE standards.
● Capacity to perform at least 2 environmental pressures.
● Quality of the data provided.
● Open access to the data and agreement on the standards for data and metadata provided by AnaEE.
● Long term support.

All the platforms are available in our catalogue.


Open-air platforms


Open-air ecosystem platforms comprise the predominant land use types of European continental ecosystems including managed and unmanaged ecosystem types as well as terrestrial aquatic ecosystems transecting Europe’s climatic zones.

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Enclosed platforms

Enclosed ecosystem platforms (such as Ecotron) complement open-air platforms by enabling a higher level of environmental control and process measurement on ecosystems.

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Analytical platforms


Analytical platforms offer advanced biological, physical and chemical analyses for a deeper insight into processes.

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Modelling platforms


Modelling platforms give access to existing, state of the art, numerical models and to advanced software facilities for model development (model factories) that will improve data analysis and synthesis and allow predictions of the responses of ecosystems to global changes.

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Submitted on June 19, 2020

Updated on April 20, 2024