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User access policy and procedure

A new submission platform is currently being developed and will be launched around the summer of 2024.

Meanwhile you can get familiarized with our access policy below.

Pdf - Access to AnaEE Facilities

Brief outline

AnaEE facilities are open to all user projects that comply with the long-term integrity of the on-going experiments in the involved facilities (mostly Open-air) and/or to de novo experiments in the involved facilities (mostly Enclosed) that comply with the technology and number of replicates available.

However, project acceptance and granting of access will require both a scientific evaluation and confirmation of the technical feasibility by the facility owner. With guidance and supervision from AnaEE centrally the facility owners hold the responsibility of ensuring the technical quality of measurements during the execution of user projects and will in turn benefit from user projects to improve their technical and methodological expertise and enrich their facility database. 

The AnaEE web portal provides the service of a single-entry point to all facilities as well as administrative support to ease the access, i.e. checking the technical feasibility of projects, user fee calculations, and data management plans. AnaEE procedures for these central services are described in detail in the AnaEE access policy document.

A special web interface is available at the AnaEE web portal to provide a single-entry point for requesting access to the AnaEE infrastructure. The web portal informs users about the main services offered by each of the facilities and service centres and provides a structured way for users to apply for access. The web portal contains a service catalogue including the main features of each facility and information about on-going research activities as well as the primary results that have been generated. It also contains a search algorithm allowing identifying the relevant facilities for specific research topics according to metadata collected by the AnaEE Technology Centre.

The AnaEE user project procedure follows user projects from the time of the first submission of a pre-proposal via the web portal until final project termination. The procedure was designed to ensure maximum scientific and technical quality of user projects, as well as project reporting to AnaEE and facilitation of open access to project data after potential grace period following project termination. Figure shows how projects are evaluated, improved, executed and terminated. Please refer to the AnaEE access policy document for further details. This document also explains how the user access fees are calculated.



Submitted on July 24, 2020

Updated on April 26, 2024