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Modelling facilities


A distinctive feature of AnaEE is to provide access to a range of modelling facilities offering quality statistical and biophysical modelling of complex environmental systems. The swift changes observed over the past decades in both climate and animal and plant population dynamics pose a series of complex challenges to researchers and practitioners in the fields of agriculture, forestry management, and environmental sciences in general.
The practical difficulties faced in organizing and running large scale field experiments may often not cope well with the rapidly evolving conditions we are witnessing. Numeric simulations, on the other hand, can be a powerful tool to effectively forecast environmental trends and the impact of new management practices, new species introduction, and climate change.
Accurate modelling can also allow the detection of anomalies and inconsistencies in the observed field data, providing a further layer of understanding of the complex dynamics of environmental systems. The insights thus provided can in turn help researchers in designing better experiments, planning more effective monitoring activities, and elaborating long term projects. At a more aggregate level, this information can be used by stakeholders and policy makers to better inform decisions.
AnaEE’s Modelling facilities give access to existing, state of the art, numerical models and to advanced software facilities for model development that will improve data analysis and synthesis and allow predictions of the responses of ecosystems to global changes.

Submitted on December 11, 2020

Updated on July 11, 2024