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Data and Modelling Centre

Head of DMC: Marco Bascietto (Interrim)


The Data Modelling Centre (DMC) serves as a pivotal hub for ensuring that scientific data within the AnaEE framework adheres to the principles of being Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR). Its primary objectives are to streamline the process of data discovery, facilitate seamless access to datasets, promote their effective utilization, and encourage their widespread sharing across the scientific community.

  1. Data Management: The DMC assists researchers in crafting and maintaining robust data management plans, providing guidelines and operational tools such as thesauri and ontologies to standardize metadata and data formats. It supports new projects and platforms in developing tailored data management strategies.

  2. Data Quality Enhancement: Through collaborative efforts and synergies among National Platforms, the DMC endeavors to enhance the quality of datasets by conducting analyses across larger data pools and comparing model predictions with fresh data inputs. It develops visualization, statistical, and data analysis tools, ensuring their accessibility and availability through open repositories like GitHub.

  3. Data Accessibility: Central to the DMC's mission is ensuring the visibility and accessibility of AnaEE data. It works towards full interoperability of experimental datasets collected across AnaEE platforms, providing a single querying tool on the master AnaEE portal for easy access. Additionally, it establishes workflows for data publication and assigns Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to datasets, thereby facilitating their citation and referencing.

  4. Modeling Solutions: Recognizing the significance of modeling in understanding ecosystem dynamics, the DMC facilitates access to two types of national AnaEE Modelling Platforms: Modelling Solution Platforms and Model Factory Platforms. These platforms offer both established models and tools for model development, catering to diverse research needs within the ecosystem science community.

  5. Model Interoperability and Usability: The DMC promotes model interoperability by defining and implementing software interface standards, facilitating seamless integration across different modeling platforms. It also ensures accessibility for non-model developers through quality tutorials and training workshops, empowering them to leverage modeling tools effectively in their research endeavors.

  6. Demonstration and Training: Through demonstration cases and training sessions, the DMC showcases the practical applications of modeling in enhancing data interpretation, experimental design, and upscaling of research findings. These initiatives are developed collaboratively with national nodes and advisory bodies, addressing a wide range of ecosystem-related challenges.

  7. FAIR Data Practices: In alignment with FAIR principles, the DMC organizes workshops and training sessions to educate users and platform operators on data handling and sharing practices. It fosters a culture of open exchange and collaboration, ensuring that AnaEE data remains accessible and usable by the broader scientific community.

The DMC is hosted by the Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura e l’Analisi dell’Economia Agraria (CREA) in Bologna, Italy.

Submitted on June 25, 2020

Updated on May 31, 2024