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Central Hub

Under the leadership of the DG, the CH will be the main entry point of AnaEE, responsible for the services provided both to external users, platforms operators, and AnaEE’ staff. The infrastructure has several levels of action and operations, through its own Service Centres, or the platforms, as well as specialized bodies. The CH will be responsible for the overall consistency of the action of AnaEE, and an impulsion and innovative force for its action and strategy. It will be also responsible of the communication actions toward the user communities and stakeholders. Finally, the CH will be warrant of the quality of AnaEE services and products, and will ensure that quality is a main driver at all stages.

To reach this high level of integration, coordination, and dedication among AnaEE’s staff the CH will also convene internal meetings and communication among all AnaEE staff, CH and Service Centres, events, and training.



The CH will:

  • Conduct the implementation of AnaEE and its strategic development,
  • Implement AoM' decisions in cooperation with the Service Centres,
  • Make proposals to develop new platforms in order to address emerging research needs,
  • Assess the performance of National Platforms and service centres, 
  • Implement the overall management and quality plan of the ERIC,
  • Convene, and organize the logistics of AnaEE bodies,
  • Prepare and implement AnaEE’s communication plan
  • Manage the day to day tasks (financial, HR, etc.)

The CH will run the AnaEE web portal, which will be the single access point for all AnaEE related activities and services. The web portal will feature an information section, for the users and the general audience; a platform catalogue, with an advanced query system; the proposal system; the access to the data (provided by the DMC); a link to the national node web portals; and any other relevant sections.

The CH will be located at the seat of the ERIC, in Gif sur Yvette, France.

Submitted on June 25, 2020

Updated on July 28, 2020