Description of Access to AnaEE Platforms
In AnaEE, a series of Open-air and Enclosed experimental platforms covers major biomes and ecosystems of Europe. Compared to other continents and other European research infrastructures, the AnaEE Research Infrastructure has a greater density of highly instrumented research platforms, offering opportunities for studies requiring sophisticated experimental designs, high geographic resolution and/or state of the art instrumentation. National and transnational access (TNA) will be used to benefit global change studies, which could include de novo manipulation of aquatic and/or terrestrial ecosystems, coupling of Enclosed and Open-air experimentation, and/or access to samples from long-term Open-air experimentation platforms for assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services. These include e.g. carbon regulation and sequestration, water quality, soil quality as well as associated abiotic parameters across multiple scales and in response to multiple drivers of change. As many of the AnaEE research platforms have been operated over decades, AnaEE also offers VA (virtual access) to comprehensive background data for better long-term temporal resolution. The integrated set of AnaEE platforms, including also Analytical and Modelling platforms, provides a unique combination of opportunities for structuring European experimental research in ecosystem responses to drivers of change, and will advance global change ecology significantly. AnaEE will help users and facilitate their access to single platforms, as well as to wider ensembles of platforms, to allow EU-wide studies along natural gradients of, for example, climate, nitrogen deposition and/or land use. In addition, users may have interest in adding to their projects services from the two additional types of AnaEE platforms, i.e. the Modelling and/or Analytical platforms.
  • AnaEE is not a funding body for the user projects to be implemented on its platforms. The AnaEE added values stay at the level of project fostering, planning, incubation and through scientific and technical project review to ensure the highest quality of  project execution, data, and results. Enhanced quality of AnaEE platforms (via AnaEE technical criteria) and their services (via standardization of methodologies and automation of e.g. data streams), hence leading to enhanced probability of success for projects involving AnaEE platforms and original scientific results.
  • Possibility to use a combination of platforms, e.g. over several climate zones, or enclosed/open-air, and to use the services from the analytical and modelling platforms.
  • Enhanced quality of user projects via the AnaEE project review procedure.
  • Facilitation of new research ideas; the AnaEE workshops, meetings and web portal (maintained by the Hub) will be used actively to engage the community and facilitate the fostering of new ideas for projects and research as well as develop and share information, e.g. concept notes.
  • Training of users for an optimize use of the platforms and services from AnaEE.
  • Support and guidance to scientists upstream of project proposal submissions, particularly young scientists; the ISC acts as a facilitator in the incubation of projects and further features a project engineer to advise scientists in the preparation of multi-platform projects.
  • AnaEE will provide guidance to users testing new technologies and/or services thus facilitating the development of products from a test stage to market maturity. AnaEE platforms will be open to user projects that comply with the long-term integrity of the on-going experiments in the involved platform(s) (mostly Open-air) and/or to de novo experiments in the involved platform(s) (mostly Enclosed) that comply with the technology and number of replicates available. This means that project acceptance and granted access will require both a scientific evaluation and confirmation of the technical feasibility by the platform owner(s). With guidance and supervision from AnaEE centrally, the platform owners hold the responsibility of ensuring the technical quality of  measurements during the execution of user projects and will, in turn, benefit from user projects to improve their technical and methodological expertise and enrich their data base. The AnaEE web portal will provide the service of a single-entry point to all platforms as well as administrative support to ease the access, i.e. checking the technical feasibility of projects, user fee calculations, and data management plans. AnaEE procedures for these central services are described in detail below.