Ground and {Volume} {Decomposition} as a {Proxy} for {AGB} from {P}-{Band} {SAR} {Data}

In this work, the role of volume scattering obtained from ground and volume decomposition of P-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data as a proxy for biomass is investigated. The analysis here presented originates from the BIOMASS L2 activities, part of which were focused on strengthening the physical foundations of the SAR-based retrieval of forest above-ground biomass (AGB). A critical analysis of the observed strong correlation between tomographic intensity and AGB is done in order to propose simplified AGB proxies to be used during the interferometric phase of BIOMASS. In particular, the aim is to discuss whether, and to what extent, volume scattering obtained from ground/volume decomposition can provide a reasonable alternative to tomography. To do this, both are tested on P-band data collected at Paracou during the TropiSAR campaign and cross-validated against in-situ AGB measurements. Results indicate that volume backscattered power as obtained by ground/volume decomposition is weakly correlated to AGB, notwithstanding different solutions for volume scattering are tested, and support the conclusion that forest structure actually plays a non-negligible role in AGB retrieval in dense tropical forests.


Ground and {Volume} {Decomposition} as a {Proxy} for {AGB} from {P}-{Band} {SAR} {Data}
Publication Type
Journal Article
Year of Publication
Remote Sensing
Date Published
FORET Paracou
Submitted on 21 October 2021