Biogeochemical {Cycles}: {Ecological} {Drivers} and {Environmental} {Impact}

Biogeochemical Cycles: Ecological Drivers and Environmental Impact is a collection of the latest information on the techniques and methods currently used in this field, focusing on biological and/or ecological effects of biogeochemical elemental cycles including carbon, nitrogen, major and trace elements, chemical weathering on multiple scales of nanometers to watersheds, and advances in technology of studying these processes.Volume highlights include:- Remote sensing and modeling techniques used to quantify changes in the ecosystem/s productivity, and microscopic techniques to estimate the extent of weathering - Novel isotopic techniques to assess changes in trace elemental cycles as influenced by the changing climate, and plant-mediated effect of climate change on major elemental cycles - Impact of climate change and other anthropogenic influences in agricultural and extreme (frontier) environmentsBiogeochemical Cycles: Ecological Drivers and Environmental Impact is a valuable resource for students, researchers and professionals in the field of biogeosciences, hydrology, ecology, earth and planetary surface processes, volcanology, petrology, geochemistry, mineralogy, soil science, agricultural science, climate change and environmental science.


Biogeochemical {Cycles}: {Ecological} {Drivers} and {Environmental} {Impact}
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John Wiley & Sons
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Submitted on 21 October 2021