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Release of AnaEE position paper "Setting a relevant framework to assess AnaEE’s impact"

Communiqué / ENVRI community

On March 16, 2021

The role of research infrastructures is primarily to enhance and support excellence science in the European Research Area and encourage exchange of knowledge between European countries and beyond. However, one of their significant objectives is also to create economic opportunities and social benefits for the society.
Although the scientific impact of AnaEE on the research on ecosystems community is conspicuous, gathering a network of platforms which enables the scientific modelling of complex ecosystems across Europe, the social and economic impact of the research infrastructure might be less. Facing this fact, AnaEE Central Hub with the support of the consulting company SIRIS Academic, published a position paper whose title is “Setting a relevant framework to assess AnaEE’s impact”.
Research at AnaEE aims to provide knowledge on ecosystems services facing climate change, land-use management, pollution, biodiversity loss. Protecting ecosystems services from these threats is essential to ensure healthy soils and environment necessary for agriculture and food production. Moreover, ecosystems, including agro-ecosystems, can store large amounts of carbon, an important asset to fight climate change.
This position paper intends to clarify the positioning of AnaEE in the chain of actors generating impact in the field of food, health, agriculture and environment. It defines the systemic approach to impact assessment adopted by AnaEE, sets forth the impacts of climate change on the agricultural sector addressed by AnaEE, illustrates the AnaEE’s relevant impact framework based on RI-Paths Impact Assessment Toolkit, and also describes the concrete instruments that AnaEE will use to guaranty its impact. 

The position paper is available here.


On March 16, 2021

Submitted on March 16, 2021

Updated on April 8, 2021