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ESFRI Roadmap 2021: AnaEE labelled Landmark !


On December 7, 2021

On December 7, following 78th ESFRI plenary meeting, ESFRI presented the 2021 ESFRI Roadmap on Large Scale Research Infrastructures during a half-day online conference (9:30 -16:30 CET).

After two years of evaluation, monitoring and collaborative work, ESFRI released its 2021 Roadmap for Research Infrastructures in Europe. Opening the day, Simona Kustec, Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sports recalled that the ESFRI Roadmap is a "key element in shaping the Research & Innovation ecosystem for the new European Research Area (ERA)". Not only, it selects research infrastructures of pan-European importance, and monitor the advancements of already selected ESFRI projects, it also provides a landscape analysis of the Research & Innovation ecosystem in Europe.

The ESFRI report contains a list of 11 new research infrastructure projects, which after design and evaluation process, were considered as of pan-European relevance for research & innovation. In addition, the ESFRI granted the status of Landmark to four well-established Research Infrastructures, MIRRI, ACTRIS, EU-Solaris, and AnaEE ! Jan Hrušák, ESFRI Chair, shared that "all these ESFRI RIs have proven to move science forward, for the society and for the corresponding scientific communities and are truly the backbone of the ERA".

Obtaining the Landmark label shows that AnaEE has reached an advanced Implementation Phase and represent a major element of competitiveness of the ERA. AnaEE is taking another big step towards operationalisation !


On December 7, 2021

Submitted on October 18, 2021

Updated on January 28, 2022