Covid-19 epidemic: a message from the President and Director General of AnaEE

on the 31 March 2020

Covid-19 epidemic: a message from the President and Director General of AnaEE

Dear Colleagues,

The Covid-19 crisis forces many of us to work from home; those who are (not yet) confined have often many familial and professional duties with the closure of schools and universities. We want to address to all of you all our wishes of good health, and lot of courage in this difficult period.

At this time there is no information from ESFRI about a possible delay for the evaluation of AnaEE; we will suppose that there will be no delay to the deadline in June 2020, and if there is one, it will be used to refine our application.

Besides being a public health problem, the crisis induced by the SARS-COV-2 (the Corona virus) demonstrates the need to live in a world that is more robust and resilient.The conservation of biodiversity, the adaptation of the ecosystems to the changing conditions are part of the avenues to mitigate and attenuate the consequences of the anthropic changes, and of the different crisis that are in front of us.

It is our responsibility to show that AnaEE, among other infrastructures, is essential for the research in the domains of environment, food security, and health. It is obvious that the measures taken by the governments and the European Union as a whole to sustain the economy and to mitigate the consequences of the Covid-2 crisis, will certainly imply cuts in other domains, among them research.

In this context of fierce competition, we will have to rely on our forces to build the best case for AnaEE, to find strong support among our authorities, colleagues, other countries. We have to pass the evaluation with the outmost best rankings, which will imply, despite the period, lot of dedication and commitment from us.

We hope again that you, and your relatives, have not been hit by the disease, and we whish all of you that you will pass this period in the best possible conditions.

With best regards

Michel Boër, Director General
Michele Oleo, President of the AoM.

Mis à jour le 28 June 2020