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AnaEE-ERIC is looking for its Chief Administrative Officer

26 September 2022 - 1 December 2022

The Finance and Administrative Manager will be responsible for all administrative and financial issues related to AnaEE-ERIC in close interaction with the Director General, and will report to her/him. As AnaEE-ERIC has been recently created, the Finance and Administrative Manager is expected to have a dynamic and leading contribution to the building of the organization.

As a member of the management of the ERIC, the main duties of the Finance and Administrative Manager will include the following:
• General administration of AnaEE-ERIC
• Financial and accounting managementAdministrative management of AnaEE-ERIC
• Knowledge of legal aspects
• Preparation of agreements with partners of AnaEE-ERIC
• Human resource management
• Management of documents, archiving, especially in the perspective of audit
• Exchanges with member representatives, especially the chair- and vice-chairpersons of the Assembly of Members
• Exchanges with EC officers, partner ERIC and research infrastructures, other stakeholders
• Possible representation of AnaEE-ERIC at several bodies or committees.

The position is based in the headquarters located in Gif-sur-Yvette, near Paris (France). The full description of the position is available here.
To apply, send a CV, letter of motivation, and supporting information and documents to: contact(at)

Deadline of application: 26th of September 2022
Anticipated start of work: October 2022
Mis à jour le 13 June 2022