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1/02/2024, 31/01/2029


MICROBES-4-CLIMATE - Microbial services addressing climate change risks for biodiversity and for agricultural and forestry ecosystems: enabling curiosity-driven research and advancing frontier knowledge - is a project funded by Horizon Europe that aims at providing a wider community of users/researchers, irrespective of
location, with an efficient access to a cluster of complementary world-class Research Infrastructures and their integrated, advanced services, enabling them to conduct curiosity-driven, cross-disciplinary research addressing terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems, including agricultural and (agro)forestry ecosystems, in light of the multidimensional and still poorly understood microbiomes-plants-soil-environment interactions, and its roles in climate change responses, resilience, and mitigation.

Coordinator: MIRRI

Running time:  1/02/2024, 31/01/2029

More on the project on the Microbes4Climate website.

Submitted on March 25, 2024

Updated on May 2, 2024