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ERIC-Forum 2

1/09/2023, 31/08/2027

ERIC Forum

The Second Implementation Project for the ERIC Forum (from now on ERIC Forum 2 or EF2) is born to further structure the cooperation between the ERICs and to support the implementation of the ERICs’ policy, shaping their community identity and consolidating their integration within the European Research Area (ERA).

The Project’s main objectives are

  • Provide updated data and information on the ERICs to demonstrate their outcomes, impacts, and importance in the ERA.
  • Develop shared practices, regulations, and services to improve ERICs’ sustainability and ensure compatibility with European political priorities.
  • Strengthen coordination and networking between the ERICs, supporting ERICs-in-preparation.
  • Ensure that ERICs have an adequate representation on the European stage, a unified voice to speak with, and strong links with society, economy, and competitiveness. 

AnaEE-ERIC co-leads the Pillar II on “reinforcing the internal communication". We also take the lead in Work Package WP10: Strategy on building shared services between ERICs.


Running time: 1/09/2023 - 31/08/2027
Project duration: 48 months
Coordinator: BBMRI-ERIC
AnaEE-ERIC involvement: Beneficiary, WP lead
Maximum grant amount for the project: 2,999,463€. 
Maximum grant amount for AnaEE-ERIC: 64,875€.

More on the project on the ERIC-Forum website.

Submitted on March 25, 2024

Updated on April 30, 2024