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, Atanassova I..  2021.  Assessment of physicochemical and аgrochemical indicators of the composting process. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science.
Kulmala M, Lintunen A, Ylivinkka I, Mukkala J, Rantanen R, Kujansuu J, Petäjä T, Lappalainen HK.  2021.  Atmospheric and ecosystem big data providing key contributions in reaching United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. 5:277–305.
Van Langenhove L, Depaepe T, Verryckt LT, Fuchslueger L, Donald J, Leroy C, Moorthy SMKrishna, Gargallo-Garriga A, Ellwood M.D.Farnon, Verbeeck H et al..  2021.  Comparable canopy and soil free-living nitrogen fixation rates in a lowland tropical forest. Science of The Total Environment. 754:142202.
Novotny J, Navratilova B, Albert J, Cienciala E, Fajmon L, Brovkina O.  2021.  Comparison of spruce and beech tree attributes from field data, airborne and terrestrial laser scanning using manual and automatic methods. 23:100574.
Tikkinen M, Riikonen J, Luoranen J.  2021.  Covering Norway spruce container seedlings with reflective shading cloth during field storage affects seedling post-planting growth.
Palonen P, Lettojärvi I, Luoranen J, Ruhanen H, Rantanen M, Haikonen T, Finni S.  2021.  Deacclimation and reacclimation of apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.), blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.) and raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) shoots and buds under controlled conditions. 289:110430.
Sprenger PP, Müsse C, Hartke J, Feldmeyer B, Schmitt T, Gebauer G, Menzel F.  2021.  Dinner with the roommates: trophic niche differentiation and competition in a mutualistic ant-ant association. Ecological Entomology. n/a
Rodgers EM, Opinion AGrace R, Isaza DFGomez, Rašković B, Poleksić V, De Boeck G.  2021.  Double whammy: Nitrate pollution heightens susceptibility to both hypoxia and heat in a freshwater salmonid. 765:142777.
Repo T, Domisch T, Roitto M, Kilpeläinen J, Wang A-F, Piirainen S, Heiskanen J, Makita N, Lehto T, Sutinen S.  2021.  Dynamics of above- and belowground responses of silver birch saplings and soil gases to soil freezing and waterlogging during dormancy.
Roy J, Rineau F, De Boeck HJ, Nijs I, Pütz T, Abiven S, Arnone JA, Barton CVM, Beenaerts N, Brüggemann N et al..  2021.  Ecotrons: Powerful and versatile ecosystem analysers for ecology, agronomy and environmental science. 27:1387–1407.
Amato ED, Pfeiffer F, Estoppey N, Subotic D, Herweyers L, Breugelmans T, Weyn M, Bois EDu, Dardenne F, Covaci A et al..  2021.  Field application of a novel active-passive sampling technique for the simultaneous measurement of a wide range of contaminants in water. 279:130598.
Wan X, Li Z, Chen E, Zhao L, Zhang W, Xu K.  2021.  Forest {Aboveground} {Biomass} {Estimation} {Using} {Multi}-{Features} {Extracted} by {Fitting} {Vertical} {Backscattered} {Power} {Profile} of {Tomographic} {SAR}. Remote Sensing. 13:186.
Holik L, Vranova V, Foltynova L, Acosta M.  2021.  Forest soil properties under elevated {CO}2: A five-year experiment. 106:103346.
Lind S, Maljanen M, Myllys M, Räty M, Kykkänen S, Korhonen P, Termonen M, Shurpali N, Virkajärvi P.  2021.  {GHG} mitigation potential of agricultural management practises on mineral and organic soils.
Mellat M, Bailey H, Mustonen K-R, Marttila H, Klein ES, Gribanov K, M. Bret-Harte S, Chupakov AV, Divine DV, Else B et al..  2021.  Hydroclimatic Controls on the Isotopic ($\updelta$18 O, $\updelta$2 H, d-excess) Traits of Pan-Arctic Summer Rainfall Events. 9
Laine AM, Korrensalo A, Kokkonen NAK, Tuittila E-S.  2021.  Impact of long-term water level drawdown on functional plant trait composition of northern peatlands. 35:2342–2357.
Bonhomme C, Céréghino R, Carrias J-F, Compin A, Corbara B, Jassey VEJ, Leflaive J, Farjalla VF, Marino NAC, Rota T et al..  2021.  In situ resistance, not immigration, supports invertebrate community resilience to drought intensification in a {Neotropical} ecosystem. Journal of Animal Ecology. n/a
.  2021.  Leaching of chemical elements under some anthropogenic impacts on Fluvisols. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science.
Levionnois S, Jansen S, Wandji RTchana, Beauchêne J, Ziegler C, Coste S, Stahl C, Delzon S, Authier L, Heuret P.  2021.  Linking drought-induced xylem embolism resistance to wood anatomical traits in {Neotropical} trees. New Phytologist. 229:1453–1466.
Hartke J, Waldvogel A-M, Sprenger PP, Schmitt T, Menzel F, Pfenninger M, Feldmeyer B.  2021.  Little parallelism in genomic signatures of local adaptation in two sympatric, cryptic sister species. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. n/a
Soja MJ, Quegan S, d’Alessandro MM, Banda F, Scipal K, Tebaldini S, Ulander LMH.  2021.  Mapping above-ground biomass in tropical forests with ground-cancelled {P}-band {SAR} and limited reference data. Remote Sensing of Environment. 253:112153.
Soja MJ, Quegan S, d’Alessandro MM, Banda F, Scipal K, Tebaldini S, Ulander LMH.  2021.  Mapping above-ground biomass in tropical forests with ground-cancelled {P}-band {SAR} and limited reference data. Remote Sensing of Environment. 253:112153.
Martins FMS, Porto M, Feio MJ, Egeter B, Bonin A, Serra SRQ, Taberlet P, Beja P.  2021.  Modelling technical and biological biases in macroinvertebrate community assessment from bulk preservative using multiple metabarcoding markers. Molecular Ecology. 30:3221–3238.
Gelas C, Villard L, Ferro-Famil L, Polidori L, Koleck T, Daniel S.  2021.  Multi-{Temporal} {Speckle} {Filtering} of {Polarimetric} {P}-{Band} {SAR} {Data} over {Dense} {Tropical} {Forests}: {Study} {Case} in {French} {Guiana} for the {BIOMASS} {Mission}. Remote Sensing. 13:142.