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.  2017.  Atmospheric deposition, {CO2}, and change in the land carbon sink. Scientific Reports. 7:9632.
.  2020.  Effect of the implementation of agro-technical and ameliorative measures in soils with poor technological and pedological properties. Mechanization in agriculture and conserving of the resources.
, Atanassova I..  2020.  The effect of biochar on wheat yield and nutrient uptake by production. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science.
.  2020.  Identification of soil microflora with different types of land use. Journal of Balkan Ecology. Journal of Balkan Ecology.
.  2019.  Physico-chemical, agrochemical and eco-chemical characteristics of biochar-treated Fluvisol. EcologiaBalkanica.
, Atanassova I..  2018.  Microbiological characteristics of biochar amended alluvial meadow soil. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science.
, Atanassova I..  2021.  Assessment of physicochemical and аgrochemical indicators of the composting process. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science.
.  2020.  Exploring New Technology Solutions for the conditions of Eutric/ Haplic Vertisols and Gleyic-Chromic Luvisols. 2020. Mechanization in Agriculture & Conserving of the resources.
.  2021.  Leaching of chemical elements under some anthropogenic impacts on Fluvisols. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science.
.  2020.  Changes in the agrochemical status of Haplic Vertisols depending on the agro-technical measures. Mechanization in agriculture and conserving of the resources.
Abalos J, de Lanuza GPérez i, Bartolomé A, Liehrmann O, Laakkonen H, Aubret F, Uller T, Carazo P, Font E.  2020.  No evidence for differential sociosexual behavior and space use in the color morphs of the {European} common wall lizard ({Podarcis} muralis). Ecology and Evolution. 10:10986–11005.
Abidizadegan M, Peltomaa E, Blomster J.  2021.  The Potential of Cryptophyte Algae in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Applications. 11
Adamczyk B, Sietiö O-M, Straková P, Prommer J, Wild B, Hagner M, Pihlatie M, Fritze H, Richter A, Heinonsalo J.  2019.  Plant roots increase both decomposition and stable organic matter formation in boreal forest soil. 10
Aghababaee H, Fornaro G, Schirinzi G.  2018.  Phase {Calibration} {Based} on {Phase} {Derivative} {Constrained} {Optimization} in {Multibaseline} {SAR} {Tomography}. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. PP:1–13.
Aguilos M, Stahl C, Burban B, Hérault B, Courtois E, Coste S, Wagner F, Ziegler C, Takagi K, Bonal D.  2019.  Interannual and {Seasonal} {Variations} in {Ecosystem} {Transpiration} and {Water} {Use} {Efficiency} in a {Tropical} {Rainforest}. Forests. 10:14.
Aguilos M, Hérault B, Burban B, Wagner F, Bonal D.  2018.  What drives long-term variations in carbon flux and balance in a tropical rainforest in {French} {Guiana}? Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 253-254:114–123.
Alexandre A, Webb E, Landais A, Piel C, Devidal S, Sonzogni C, Couapel M, Mazur J-C, Pierre M, Prié F et al..  2019.  Effects of grass leaf anatomy, development and light/dark alternation on the triple oxygen isotope signature of leaf water and phytoliths: insights for a new proxy of continental atmospheric humidity. Biogeosciences Discussions.
Alexandre A, Landais A, Vallet-Coulomb C, Piel C, Devidal S, Pauchet S, Sonzogni C, Couapel M, Pasturel M, Cornuault P et al..  2018.  The triple oxygen isotope composition of phytoliths as a proxy of continental atmospheric humidity: insights from climate chamber and climate transect calibrations. Biogeosciences Discussions. 15:3223–3241.
Alibert C, Pili E, Barré P, Carrigan C, Sun Y, Yue H, Simon C, Florent M.  2019.  Physical, {Chemical} and {Biological} {Controls} on {Surface}-gas {Fluxes} {Quantified} {With} {High}-resolution {Monitoring} of {Multiple} {Tracers}. Earth and {Space} {Science} {Open} {Archive}.
Alibert C, Pili E, Barré P, Massol F, Chollet S.  2020.  Biologically influenced gas fluxes revealed by high-resolution monitoring of unsaturated soil columns. Vadose Zone Journal. 19:e20018.
Alibert C, Pili E, Barré P, Massol F.  2018.  Influence of biogeochemical reactions on inert gas fluxes between soil and the atmosphere. 20:2177.
Almario J, Jeena G, Wunder J, Langen G, Zuccaro A, Coupland G, Bucher M.  2017.  Root-associated fungal microbiota of nonmycorrhizal \textit{{Arabis} alpina} and its contribution to plant phosphorus nutrition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 114:E9403–E9412.
Amato ED, Nguyen DT, Subotic D, Hereijgers J, Breugelmans T, Weyn M, Dardenne F, Bervoets L, Covaci A, Town RM et al..  2019.  Characterization of the accumulation of metals and organic contaminants on a novel active-passive sampling device under controlled water flow conditions. 236:124400.
Amato ED, Pfeiffer F, Estoppey N, Subotic D, Herweyers L, Breugelmans T, Weyn M, Bois EDu, Dardenne F, Covaci A et al..  2021.  Field application of a novel active-passive sampling technique for the simultaneous measurement of a wide range of contaminants in water. 279:130598.
Ambat I, Bec S, Peltomaa E, Srivastava V, Ojala A, Sillanpää M.  2019.  A synergic approach for nutrient recovery and biodiesel production by the cultivation of microalga species in the fertilizer plant wastewater. 9


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