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Uusheimo S, Tulonen T, Huotari J, Arvola L.  2020.  Long-Term (2001–2020) Nutrient Transport from a Small Boreal Agricultural Watershed: Hydrological Control and Potential of Retention Ponds. 12:2731.
Urbani B., Youlatos D., Kowalewski M.M.  2020.  Postural behavior of howler monkeys (\textit{{Alouatta} palliata}, \textit{{A}. macconnelli}, and \textit{{A}. caraya}) during sleep: an assessment across the genus range. Primate Biology. 7:25–33.
Urban O, Hrstka M, Zitová M, Holišová P, Šprtová M, Klem K, Calfapietra C, De Angelis P, Marek MV.  2012.  Effect of season, needle age and elevated {CO}2 concentration on photosynthesis and Rubisco acclimation in Picea abies. 58:135–141.
Urban O., Hrstka M., Holub P., Veselá B., Večeřová K., Novotná K., Grace J., Klem K..  2019.  Interactive effects of ultraviolet radiation and elevated {CO}2 concentration on photosynthetic characteristics of European beech saplings during the vegetation season. 134:20–30.
Urban O, Klem K, Holišová P, Šigut L, Šprtová M, Teslová-Navrátilová P, Zitová M, Špunda V, Marek MV, Grace J.  2014.  Impact of elevated {CO}2 concentration on dynamics of leaf photosynthesis in Fagus sylvatica is modulated by sky conditions. 185:271–280.
Uchytilová T, Krejza J, Veselá B, Holub P, Urban O, Horáček P, Klem K.  2019.  Ultraviolet radiation modulates C:N stoichiometry and biomass allocation in Fagus sylvatica saplings cultivated under elevated {CO}2 concentration. 134:103–112.