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Tuzet F, Dumont M, Picard G, Lamare M, Voisin D, Nabat P, Lafaysse M, Larue F, Revuelto J, Arnaud L.  2020.  Quantification of the radiative impact of light-absorbing particles during two contrasted snow seasons at {Col} du {Lautaret} (2058 m a.s.l., {French} {Alps}). The Cryosphere. 14:4553–4579.
Tuzet F, Dumont M, Arnaud L, Voisin D, Lamare M, Larue F, Revuelto J, Picard G.  2019.  Influence of light-absorbing particles on snow spectral irradiance profiles. The Cryosphere. 13:2169–2187.
Trochet A, Legrand D, Larranaga N, Ducatez S, Calvez O, Cote J, Clobert J, Baguette M.  2013.  Population sex ratio and dispersal in experimental, two-patch metapopulations of butterflies. Journal of Animal Ecology. 82:946–955.
Tikkinen M, Riikonen J, Luoranen J.  2021.  Covering Norway spruce container seedlings with reflective shading cloth during field storage affects seedling post-planting growth.
Thum T., Räisänen P., Sevanto S., Tuomi M., Reick C., Vesala T., Raddatz T., Aalto T., Järvinen H., Altimir N. et al..  2011.  Soil carbon model alternatives for {ECHAM5}/{JSBACH} climate model: {Evaluation} and impacts on global carbon cycle estimates. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 116
Tebaldini S, Minh DHo Tong, d’Alessandro MMariotti, Villard L, Le Toan T, Chave J.  2019.  The {Status} of {Technologies} to {Measure} {Forest} {Biomass} and {Structural} {Properties}: {State} of the {Art} in {SAR} {Tomography} of {Tropical} {Forests}. Surveys in Geophysics. 40:779–801.
Talhouët A-C, Meyer S, Baudin X, Streb P.  2020.  Dynamic acclimation to sunlight in an alpine plant, {Soldanella} alpina {L}.. Physiologia Plantarum. 168:563–575.
Taipale S.J, Kuoppamäki K., Strandberg U., Peltomaa E., Vuorio K..  2020.  Lake restoration influences nutritional quality of algae and consequently Daphnia biomass. 847:4539–4557.
Taheri S., Decaëns T., Cunha L., Brown G.G, Da Silva E., Bartz M.LC, Baretta D., Dupont L..  2020.  Genetic evidence of multiple introductions and mixed reproductive strategy in the peregrine earthworm {Pontoscolex} corethrurus. Biological Invasions. 22:2545–2557.