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Guo J, Ling N, Chen Z, Xue C, Li L, Liu L, Gao L, Wang M, Ruan J, Guo S et al..  2020.  Soil fungal assemblage complexity is dependent on soil fertility and dominated by deterministic processes. New Phytologist. 226:232–243.
Guillot E, Hinsinger P, Dufour L, Roy J, Bertrand I.  2019.  With or without trees: {Resistance} and resilience of soil microbial communities to drought and heat stress in a {Mediterranean} agroforestry system. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 129:122–135.
Guillemot J, Francois C, Hmimina G, Dufrêne E, Martin-StPaul NK, Soudani K, Marie G, Ourcival J-M, Delpierre N.  2017.  Environmental control of carbon allocation matters for modelling forest growth. New Phytologist. 214:180–193.
Guillemot J., Martin-StPaul N.K, Dufrêne E., François C., Soudani K., Ourcival J.M, Delpierre N..  2015.  The dynamic of the annual carbon allocation to wood in {European} tree species is consistent with a combined source–sink limitation of growth: implications for modelling. Biogeosciences. 12:2773–2790.
Guillaume O., Coulon A., Le Galliard J.-F., Clobert J..  2012.  Animal-borne sensors to study the demography and behaviour of small species. Sensors for ecology. :43–61.
Guillaume O, Deluen M, Raffard A, Calvez O, Trochet A.  2020.  Reduction in the metabolic levels due to phenotypic plasticity in the {Pyrenean} newt, {Calotriton} asper, during cave colonization. Ecology and Evolution. 10:12983–12989.
Guillaume O, Deluen M, Raffard A, Calvez O, Trochet A.  2020.  Reduction in the metabolic levels due to phenotypic plasticity in the {Pyrenean} newt, {Calotriton} asper, during cave colonization. Ecology and Evolution. 10:12983–12989.
Guenet B, Danger M, Harrault L, Allard B, Jauset-Alcala M, Bardoux G, Benest D, Abbadie L, Lacroix G.  2014.  Fast mineralization of land-born {C} in inland waters: first experimental evidences of aquatic priming effect. Hydrobiologia. 721:35–44.
Guderle M, Bachmann D, Milcu A, Gockele A, Bechmann M, Fischer C, Roscher C, Landais D, Ravel O, Devidal S et al..  2018.  Dynamic niche partitioning in root water uptake facilitates efficient water use in more diverse grassland plant communities. Functional Ecology. 32:214–227.
Gruson H.  2020.  Estimation of colour volumes as concave hypervolumes using α‐shapes. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
Grote R, Kiese R, Grunwald T, Ourcival J-M, Granier A.  2011.  Modelling forest carbon balances considering tree mortality and removal. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. :12.
Grossiord C, Sevanto S, Limousin J-M, Meir P, Mencuccini M, Pangle RE, Pockman WT, Salmon Y, Zweifel R, McDowell NG.  2018.  Manipulative experiments demonstrate how long-term soil moisture changes alter controls of plant water use. Environmental and Experimental Botany. 152:19–27.
Grigulis K, Lavorel S.  2020.  Simple field-based surveys reveal climate-related anomalies in mountain grassland production. Ecological Indicators. 116:106519.
Gomes DGE, Appel G, Barber JR.  2020.  Time of night and moonlight structure vertical space use by insectivorous bats in a {Neotropical} rainforest: an acoustic monitoring study. PeerJ. 8:e10591.
Goetz J, Brenning A.  2019.  Quantifying {Uncertainties} in {Snow} {Depth} {Mapping} {From} {Structure} {From} {Motion} {Photogrammetry} in an {Alpine} {Area}. Water Resources Research. 55:7772–7783.
Goetz J, Fieguth P, Kasiri K, Bodin X, Marcer M, Brenning A.  2019.  Accounting for permafrost creep in high-resolution snow depth mapping by modelling sub-snow ground deformation. Remote Sensing of Environment. 231:111275.
Goerner A, Reichstein M, Tomelleri E, Hanan N, Rambal S, Papale D, Dragoni D, Schmullius C.  2011.  Remote sensing of ecosystem light use efficiency with {MODIS}-based {PRI}. Biogeosciences. 8:189–202.
Girod C, Matzke D.  2020.  Annotated checklist of the {Dermaptera} ({Insecta}) of {French} {Guiana}. Zoosystema. 42:57–76.
Girault F, Perrier F, Ourcival J-M, Ferry R, Gaudemer Y, Bourges F, Didon-Lescot J-F.  2020.  Substratum influences uptake of radium-226 by plants. Science of The Total Environment. :142655.
Gillespie LM, Fromin N, Milcu A, Buatois B, Pontoizeau C, Hättenschwiler S.  2020.  Higher tree diversity increases soil microbial resistance to drought. Communications Biology. 3:1–12.
Gil-Santana HR, Oliveira J, Bérenger J-M.  2020.  A new genus and a new species of {Ectrichodiinae} from {French} {Guiana} and an updated key to the genera of the {New} {World} ({Hemiptera}, {Reduviidae}). ZooKeys. 968:85.
Giguet-Covex C., Ficetola G.F, Walsh K., Poulenard J., Bajard M., Fouinat L., Sabatier P., Gielly L., Messager E., Develle A.L et al..  2019.  New insights on lake sediment {DNA} from the catchment: importance of taphonomic and analytical issues on the record quality. Scientific Reports. 9:14676.
Ghislain B, Alméras T, Prunier J, Clair B.  2019.  Contributions of bark and tension wood and role of the {G}-layer lignification in the gravitropic movements of 21 tropical tree species. Annals of Forest Science. 76:107.
Gessler A, Roy J, Kayler Z, Ferrio JPedro, Alday JG, Bahn M, del Castillo J, Devidal S, García-Muñoz S, Landais D et al..  2017.  Night and day – {Circadian} regulation of night-time dark respiration and light-enhanced dark respiration in plant leaves and canopies. Environmental and Experimental Botany. 137:14–25.
Genard-Zielinski A.-C., Boissard C., Fernandez C., Kalogridis C., Lathière J., Gros V., Bonnaire N., Ormeño E..  2015.  Variability of {BVOC} emissions from a {Mediterranean} mixed forest in southern {France} with a focus on \textit{{Quercus} pubescens}. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 15:431–446.