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Klem K, Záhora J, Zemek F, Trunda P, Tůma I, Novotná K, Hodaňová P, Rapantová B, Hanuš J, Vavříková J et al..  2018.  Interactive effects of water deficit and nitrogen nutrition on winter wheat. Remote sensing methods for their detection. 210:171–184.
Bossu J, Lehnebach R, Corn S, Regazzi A, Beauchêne J, Clair B.  2018.  Interlocked grain and density patterns in {Bagassa} guianensis: changes with ontogeny and mechanical consequences for trees. Trees. :1–13.
Andresen LC, Domínguez MT, Reinsch S, Smith AR, Schmidt IK, Ambus P, Beier C, Boeckx P, Bol R, Dato G et al..  2018.  Isotopic methods for non-destructive assessment of carbon dynamics in shrublands under long-term climate change manipulation. 9:866–880.
Ehlers BK, Holmstrup M, Schmidt IKappel, Sørensen JG, Bataillon T.  2018.  Joint impact of competition, summer precipitation, and maternal effects on survival and reproduction in the perennial Hieracium umbellatum. 32:529–545.
Carcaillet C, Latil J-L, Abou S, Ali A, Ghaleb B, Magnin F, Roiron P, Aubert S.  2018.  Keep your feet warm? {A} cryptic refugium of trees linked to a geothermal spring in an ocean of glaciers Global Change Biology. 24:2476–2487.
Hérault B, Piponiot C.  2018.  Key drivers of ecosystem recovery after disturbance in a neotropical forest. Forest Ecosystems. 5:2.
De Deurwaerder H, Hervé-Fernández P, Stahl C, Burban B, Pétronelli P, Hoffman B, Bonal D, Boeckx P, Verbeeck H.  2018.  Liana and tree below-ground water competition—evidence for water resource partitioning during the dry season. Tree Physiology.
van der Bom F, Nunes I, Raymond NSophie, Hansen V, Bonnichsen L, Magid J, Nybroe O, Jensen LStoumann.  2018.  Long-term fertilisation form, level and duration affect the diversity, structure and functioning of soil microbial communities in the field. 122:91–103.
van der Bom F, Magid J, Jensen LStoumann.  2018.  Long-term fertilisation strategies and form affect nutrient budgets and soil test values, soil carbon retention and crop yield resilience. 434:47–64.
Grossiord C, Sevanto S, Limousin J-M, Meir P, Mencuccini M, Pangle RE, Pockman WT, Salmon Y, Zweifel R, McDowell NG.  2018.  Manipulative experiments demonstrate how long-term soil moisture changes alter controls of plant water use. Environmental and Experimental Botany. 152:19–27.
Peng X, Li X, Wang C, Fu H, Du Y.  2018.  A {Maximum} {Likelihood} {Based} {Nonparametric} {Iterative} {Adaptive} {Method} of {Synthetic} {Aperture} {Radar} {Tomography} and {Its} {Application} for {Estimating} {Underlying} {Topography} and {Forest} {Height}.. Sensors. 18
Stuart-Haëntjens E, De Boeck HJ, Lemoine NP, Mänd P, Kröel-Dulay G, Schmidt IK, Jentsch A, Stampfli A, Anderegg WRL, Bahn M et al..  2018.  Mean annual precipitation predicts primary production resistance and resilience to extreme drought. 636:360–366.
Gauquelin T, Michon G, Joffre R, Duponnois R, Genin D, Fady B, Dagher-Kharrat MBou, Derridj A, Slimani S, Badri W et al..  2018.  Mediterranean forests, land use and climate change: {A} socio-ecological perspective. Regional Environmental Change. 18:623–636.
, Atanassova I..  2018.  Microbiological characteristics of biochar amended alluvial meadow soil. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science.
Larranaga N, Baguette M, Calvez O, Legrand D.  2018.  Mobility affects copulation and oviposition dynamics in \textit{{Pieris} brassicae} in seminatural cages: {Mobility} and copulation dynamics. Insect Science.
Pandey A, Li F, Askegaard M, Rasmussen IA, Olesen JE.  2018.  Nitrogen balances in organic and conventional arable crop rotations and their relations to nitrogen yield and nitrate leaching losses. 265:350–362.
Manevski K, Lærke PE, Olesen JE, Jørgensen U.  2018.  Nitrogen balances of innovative cropping systems for feedstock production to future biorefineries. 633:372–390.
De Notaris C, Rasmussen J, Sørensen P, Olesen JEivind.  2018.  Nitrogen leaching: A crop rotation perspective on the effect of N surplus, field management and use of catch crops. 255:1–11.
Hayek MN, Wehr R, Longo M, Hutyra LR, Wiedemann K, J. Munger W, Bonal D, Saleska SR, Fitzjarrald DR, Wofsy SC.  2018.  A novel correction for biases in forest eddy covariance carbon balance. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 250-251:90–101.
Medoc V, Thuillier L, Spataro T.  2018.  Opportunistic omnivory impairs our ability to predict invasive species impacts from functional response comparisons. Biological Invasions. 20:1307–1319.
Iltis C, Spataro T, Wattier R, Medoc V.  2018.  Parasitism may alter functional response comparisons: a case study on the killer shrimp {Dikerogammarus} villosus and two non-invasive gammarids. Biological Invasions. 20:619–632.
de Villemereuil P, Mouterde M, Gaggiotti OE, Till‐Bottraud I.  2018.  Patterns of phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation in the wide elevation range of the alpine plant {Arabis} alpina. Journal of Ecology. 106:1952–1971.
Aghababaee H, Fornaro G, Schirinzi G.  2018.  Phase {Calibration} {Based} on {Phase} {Derivative} {Constrained} {Optimization} in {Multibaseline} {SAR} {Tomography}. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. PP:1–13.
Merlier E, Bagard M, Puga-Freitas R, Boissard C, Leitao L, Repellin A, Hansart A, Chollet S, Staudt M, Leymarie J.  2018.  Physiological and ecological consequences of changes in volatile plant emissions induced by elevated atmospheric {Ozone} and {CO2} concentrations.
Fiorini S, Millot A, Chollet S, Massot F, Le Galliard J-F, Rochelle-Newall E, Lacroix G.  2018.  The {PLANAQUA} platform: a cutting-edge experimental infrastructure for multi-scale studies on aquatic ecosystems. 20:9724.