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Lind S, Maljanen M, Myllys M, Räty M, Kykkänen S, Korhonen P, Termonen M, Shurpali N, Virkajärvi P.  2021.  {GHG} mitigation potential of agricultural management practises on mineral and organic soils.
De Boeck HJ, Vicca S, Roy J, Nijs I, Milcu A, Kreyling J, Jentsch A, Chabbi A, Campioli M, Callaghan T et al..  2015.  Global change experiments: challenges and opportunities. BioScience. 65:922–931.
Sotton B, Paris A, Le Manach S, Blond A, Lacroix G, Millot A, Duval C, Qiao Q, Catherine A, Marie B.  2017.  Global metabolome changes induced by cyanobacterial blooms in three representative fish species. Science of The Total Environment. 590-591:333–342.
Bruelheide H, Dengler J, Purschke O, Lenoir J, Jiménez-Alfaro B, Hennekens SM, Botta-Dukát Z, Chytrý M, Field R, Jansen F et al..  2018.  Global trait–environment relationships of plant communities. Nature Ecology & Evolution.
Banda F, d’Alessandro MMariotti, Tebaldini S.  2020.  Ground and {Volume} {Decomposition} as a {Proxy} for {AGB} from {P}-{Band} {SAR} {Data}. Remote Sensing. 12:240.
Balzarolo M, Anderson K, Nichol C, Rossini M, Vescovo L, Arriga N, Wohlfahrt G, Calvet J-C, Carrara A, Cerasoli S et al..  2011.  Ground-{Based} {Optical} {Measurements} at {European} {Flux} {Sites}: {A} {Review} of {Methods}, {Instruments} and {Current} {Controversies}. Sensors. 11:7954–7981.
Soudani K., Hmimina G., Delpierre N., Pontailler J.-Y., Aubinet M., Bonal D., Caquet B., de Grandcourt A., Burban B., Flechard C. et al..  2012.  Ground-based {Network} of {NDVI} measurements for tracking temporal dynamics of canopy structure and vegetation phenology in different biomes. Remote Sensing of Environment. 123:234–245.
Lempereur M, Martin-StPaul NK, Damesin C, Joffre R, Ourcival J-M, Rocheteau A, Rambal S.  2015.  Growth duration is a better predictor of stem increment than carbon supply in a {Mediterranean} oak forest: implications for assessing forest productivity under climate change. New Phytologist. :12.
Bestion E, Cote J, Jacob S, Winandy L, Legrand D.  2019.  Habitat fragmentation experiments on arthropods: what to do next? Current Opinion in Insect Science. 35:117–122.
Arraiano‐Castilho R, Bidartondo MI, Niskanen T, Clarkson JJ, Brunner I, Zimmermann S, Senn‐Irlet B, Frey B, Peintner U, Mrak T et al..  2020.  Habitat specialisation controls ectomycorrhizal fungi above the treeline in the {European} {Alps}. New Phytologist. n/a
Domisch T, Qian J, Sondej I, Martz F, Lehto T, Piirainen S, Finér L, Silvennoinen R, Repo T.  2020.  Here comes the flood! Stress effects of continuous and interval waterlogging periods during the growing season on Scots pine saplings. 40:869–885.
R. Wallace J, Sasson G, Garnsworthy PC, Tapio I, Gregson E, Bani P, Huhtanen P, Bayat AR, Strozzi F, Biscarini F et al..  2019.  A heritable subset of the core rumen microbiome dictates dairy cow productivity and emissions. Science Advances. 5:eaav8391.
Ma SNan, Wang HJun, Wang HZhu, Li Y, Liu M, Liang XMin, Yu Q, Jeppesen E, Søndergaard M.  2018.  High ammonium loading can increase alkaline phosphatase activity and promote sediment phosphorus release: A two-month mesocosm experiment. 145:388–397.
Samaké A, Bonin A, Jaffrezo J.-L., Taberlet P, Weber S, Uzu G, Jacob V, Conil S, Martins JMF.  2020.  High levels of primary biogenic organic aerosols are driven by only a few plant-associated microbial taxa. Atmos. Chem. Phys.. 20:5609–5628.
Yu Q, Wang H-Z, Xu C, Li Y, Ma S-N, Liang X-M, Jeppesen E, Wang H-J.  2018.  Higher Tolerance of Canopy-Forming Potamogeton crispus Than Rosette-Forming Vallisneria natans to High Nitrogen Concentration as Evidenced From Experiments in 10 Ponds With Contrasting Nitrogen Levels. 9
Gillespie LM, Fromin N, Milcu A, Buatois B, Pontoizeau C, Hättenschwiler S.  2020.  Higher tree diversity increases soil microbial resistance to drought. Communications Biology. 3:1–12.
Lavorel S, Grigulis K, Leitinger G, Kohler M, Schirpke U, Tappeiner U.  2017.  Historical trajectories in land use pattern and grassland ecosystem services in two {European} alpine landscapes. Regional Environmental Change. 17:2251–2264.
Yu J, Xia M, He H, Jeppesen E, Guan B, Ren Z, Elser JJ, Liu Z.  2020.  The host mussel Sinanodonta woodiana alleviates negative effects of a small omnivorous fish (Acheilognathus macropterus) on water quality: A mesocosm experiment. 39:752–761.
Ingvordsen CH, Lyngkjær MF, Peltonen-Sainio P, Mikkelsen TN, Stockmarr A, Jørgensen RB.  2018.  How a 10-day heatwave impacts barley grain yield when superimposed onto future levels of temperature and {CO} 2 as single and combined factors. 259:45–52.
Zhou Y, Davidson TA, Yao X, Zhang Y, Jeppesen E, de Souza JGarcia, Wu H, Shi K, Qin B.  2018.  How autochthonous dissolved organic matter responds to eutrophication and climate warming: Evidence from a cross-continental data analysis and experiments. 185:928–937.
Medlyn BE, De Kauwe MG, Lin Y-S, Knauer J, Duursma RA, Williams CA, Arneth A, Clement R, Isaac P, Limousin J-M et al..  2017.  How do leaf and ecosystem measures of water-use efficiency compare? New Phytologist. 216:758–770.
Rambal S., Lempereur M., Limousin J.M, Martin-StPaul N.K, Ourcival J.M, Rodríguez-Calcerrada J..  2014.  How drought severity constrains gross primary production({GPP}) and its partitioning among carbon pools in a \textit{{Quercus} ilex} coppice? Biogeosciences. 11:6855–6869.
Zhao Y., Ciais P., Peylin P., Viovy N., Longdoz B., Bonnefond J.M, Rambal S., Klumpp K., Olioso A., Cellier P. et al..  2012.  How errors on meteorological variables impact simulated ecosystem fluxes: a case study for six {French} sites. Biogeosciences. 9:2537–2564.
Ibanez S, Arène F, Lavergne S.  2016.  How phylogeny shapes the taxonomic and functional structure of plant–insect networks. Oecologia. 180:989–1000.
Clobert J, Chanzy A, Le Galliard J-F, Chabbi A, Greiveldinger L, Caquet T, Loreau M, Mougin C, Pichot C, Roy J et al..  2018.  How to integrate experimental research approaches in ecological and environmental studies: {AnaEE} {France} as an example. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 6