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Kørup K, Laerke PErik, Baadsgaard H, Andersen MN, Kristensen K, Münnich C, Didion T, Jensen ESteen, M\aartensson L-M, Jørgensen U.  2017.  Biomass production and water use efficiency in perennial grasses during and after drought stress. 10:12–27.
Hashoum H., Santonja M., Gauquelin T., Saatkamp A., Gavinet J., Greff S., Lecareux C., Fernandez C., Bousquet-Mélou A..  2017.  Biotic interactions in a {Mediterranean} oak forest: role of allelopathy along phenological development of woody species. European Journal of Forest Research. 136:699–710.
Locatelli B, Lavorel S, Sloan S, Tappeiner U, Geneletti D.  2017.  Characteristic trajectories of ecosystem services in mountains. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 15:150–159.
Saunier A, Ormeño E, Wortham H, Temime-Roussel B, Lecareux C, Boissard C, Fernandez C.  2017.  Chronic {Drought} {Decreases} {Anabolic} and {Catabolic} {BVOC} {Emissions} of {Quercus} pubescens in a {Mediterranean} {Forest}. Frontiers in Plant Science. 8:71.
de Dios VResco, Gessler A, Ferrio JPedro, Alday JG, Bahn M, del Castillo J, Devidal S, García-Muñoz S, Kayler Z, Landais D et al..  2017.  Circadian rhythms regulate the environmental responses of net {CO} 2 exchange in bean and cotton canopies. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 239:185–191.
Fu Z, Stoy PC, Luo Y, Chen J, Sun J, Montagnani L, Wohlfahrt G, Rahman AF, Rambal S, Bernhofer C et al..  2017.  Climate controls over the net carbon uptake period and amplitude of net ecosystem production in temperate and boreal ecosystems. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 243:9–18.
Bestion E, Jacob S, Zinger L, Di Gesu L, Richard M, White J, Cote J.  2017.  Climate warming reduces gut microbiota diversity in a vertebrate ectotherm. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 1:0161.
Loranger H, Zotz G, Bader MY.  2017.  Competitor or facilitator? {The} ambiguous role of alpine grassland for the early establishment of tree seedlings at treeline Oikos. 126:1625–1636.
Saunier A, Ormeño E, Boissard C, Wortham H, Temime-Roussel B, Lecareux C, Armengaud A, Fernandez C.  2017.  Effect of mid-term drought on {Quercus} pubescens {BVOCs}' emission seasonality and their dependency on light and/or temperature. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 17:7555–7566.
Blottière L, Jaffar-Bandjee M, Jacquet S, Millot A, Hulot FD.  2017.  Effects of mixing on the pelagic food web in shallow lakes. Freshwater Biology. 62:161–177.
García-Plazaola JIgnacio, Fernández-Marín B, Ferrio JPedro, Alday JG, Hoch G, Landais D, Milcu A, Tissue DT, Voltas J, Gessler A et al..  2017.  Endogenous circadian rhythms in pigment composition induce changes in photochemical efficiency in plant canopies: {Circadian} rhythms and pigments. Plant, Cell & Environment. 40:1153–1162.
Guillemot J, Francois C, Hmimina G, Dufrêne E, Martin-StPaul NK, Soudani K, Marie G, Ourcival J-M, Delpierre N.  2017.  Environmental control of carbon allocation matters for modelling forest growth. New Phytologist. 214:180–193.
Roy J, Tardieu F, Tixier-Boichard M, Schurr U.  2017.  European infrastructures for sustainable agriculture. Nature Plants. 3:756–758.
Barros C, Guéguen M, Douzet R, Carboni M, Boulangeat I, Zimmermann NE, Münkemüller T, Thuiller W.  2017.  Extreme climate events counteract the effects of climate and land-use changes in {Alpine} tree lines. Journal of Applied Ecology. 54:39–50.
Arndal M.F, Tolver A., Larsen K.S, Beier C., Schmidt I.K.  2017.  Fine Root Growth and Vertical Distribution in Response to Elevated {CO}2, Warming and Drought in a Mixed Heathland–Grassland. 21:15–30.
Ruiz MGallardo, Le Galliard J-F, Tully T.  2017.  Genetic variation in light vision and light-dependent movement behaviour in the eyeless {Collembola} {Folsomia} candida. Pedobiologia. 61:33–41.
Chamorro D., Luna B., Ourcival J.-M., Kavgacı A., Sirca C., Mouillot F., Arianoutsou M., Moreno J.M.  2017.  Germination sensitivity to water stress in four shrubby species across the {Mediterranean} {Basin}. Plant Biology. 19:23–31.
Sotton B, Paris A, Le Manach S, Blond A, Lacroix G, Millot A, Duval C, Qiao Q, Catherine A, Marie B.  2017.  Global metabolome changes induced by cyanobacterial blooms in three representative fish species. Science of The Total Environment. 590-591:333–342.
Lavorel S, Grigulis K, Leitinger G, Kohler M, Schirpke U, Tappeiner U.  2017.  Historical trajectories in land use pattern and grassland ecosystem services in two {European} alpine landscapes. Regional Environmental Change. 17:2251–2264.
Medlyn BE, De Kauwe MG, Lin Y-S, Knauer J, Duursma RA, Williams CA, Arneth A, Clement R, Isaac P, Limousin J-M et al..  2017.  How do leaf and ecosystem measures of water-use efficiency compare? New Phytologist. 216:758–770.
Horton T, Gofas S, Kroh A, Poore GCB, Read G, Rosenberg G, Stöhr S, Bailly N, Boury-Esnault N, Brandão SN et al..  2017.  Improving nomenclatural consistency: a decade of experience in the {World} {Register} of {Marine} {Species}. European Journal of Taxonomy.
Dick JTA, Laverty C, Lennon JJ, Barrios-O'Neill D, Mensink PJ, J. Britton R, Medoc V, Boets P, Alexander ME, Taylor NG et al..  2017.  Invader {Relative} {Impact} {Potential}: a new metric to understand and predict the ecological impacts of existing, emerging and future invasive alien species. Journal of Applied Ecology. 54:1259–1267.
Ravel O, Chollet S.  2017.  Les données au cœur de l’infrastructure expérimentale {Ecotrons}, in {R}. {Mosseri} et {M} {Bouzeghoub} (dir.), {Les} {Big} {Data} à {Découvert}, {CNRS} {Editions}, pp 242-243.. Les {Big} {Data} à {Découvert}. :242–243.
Wang Y, Jensen LStoumann, Magid J.  2017.  Low-P solution culture can be used for screening root growth vigor in soil for high nutrient uptake of spring wheat varieties. 68:130–138.
Hulot FD, Rossi M, Verdier B, Urban J-P, Blottière L, Madricardo F, Decencière B.  2017.  Mesocosms with wavemakers: {A} new device to study the effects of water mixing on lake ecology. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods. 15:154–165.