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Mirabel A., Hérault B., Marcon E..  2020.  Diverging taxonomic and functional trajectories following disturbance in a {Neotropical} forest. Science of The Total Environment. 720:137397.
Gavinet J.  2020.  Drought mitigation by thinning\_ {Benefits} from the stem to the stand along 15 years of experimental rainfall exclusion in a holm oak coppice. Forest Ecology and Management. :10.
Talhouët A-C, Meyer S, Baudin X, Streb P.  2020.  Dynamic acclimation to sunlight in an alpine plant, {Soldanella} alpina {L}.. Physiologia Plantarum. 168:563–575.
Repo T, Domisch T, Kilpeläinen J, Piirainen S, Silvennoinen R, Lehto T.  2020.  Dynamics of fine-root production and mortality of Scots pine in waterlogged peat soil during the growing season. 50:510–518.
Pan X, Santonja M, Courty PEmmanuel, n OButensch, Berg M, Murray P, Yguel B, Brul De, Prinzing A.  2020.  Eco-evolutionary outsiders: {Establishing} in a distantly related neighbourhood delays and reorganizes nutrient recycling. Authorea.
Céréghino R, Corbara B, Leroy C, Carrias J-F.  2020.  Ecological determinants of community structure across the trophic levels of freshwater food webs: a test using bromeliad phytotelmata. Hydrobiologia. 847:391–402.
Pauli BDiaz, Edeline E, Evangelista C.  2020.  Ecosystem consequences of multi-trait response to environmental changes in {Japanese} medaka, {Oryzias} latipes. Conservation Physiology. 8
Pauli BDiaz, Edeline E, Evangelista C.  2020.  Ecosystem consequences of multi-trait response to environmental changes in {Japanese} medaka, {Oryzias} latipes. Conservation Physiology. 8
, Atanassova I..  2020.  The effect of biochar on wheat yield and nutrient uptake by production. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science.
Mony C, Brunellière P, Vannier N, Bittebiere A-K, Vandenkoornhuyse P.  2020.  Effect of floristic composition and configuration on plant root mycobiota: a landscape transposition at a small scale. New Phytologist. 225:1777–1787.
.  2020.  Effect of the implementation of agro-technical and ameliorative measures in soils with poor technological and pedological properties. Mechanization in agriculture and conserving of the resources.
Ye D, Gibson JC, Suarez AV.  2020.  Effects of {Abdominal} {Rotation} on {Jump} {Performance} in the {Ant} {Gigantiops} destructor ({Hymenoptera}, {Formicidae}). Integrative Organismal Biology. 2
Huang Y, Mei X, Rudstam LG, Taylor WD, Urabe J, Jeppesen E, Liu Z, Zhang X.  2020.  Effects of Crucian Carp (Carassius auratus) on Water Quality in Aquatic Ecosystems: An Experimental Mesocosm Study. 12:1444.
Bidel LPR, Meyer S, Talhouët A-C, Baudin X, Daniel C, Cazals G, Streb P.  2020.  Epidermal {UVA} screening capacity measured in situ as an indicator of light acclimation state of leaves of a very plastic alpine plant {Soldanella} alpina {L}.. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 151:10–20.
Donald J, Maxfield P, Leroy C, Ellwood MDFarnon.  2020.  Epiphytic suspended soils from {Borneo} and {Amazonia} differ in their microbial community composition. Acta Oecologica. 106:103586.
Damgaard C.  2020.  Estimating plant abundance in irregular polygons: plot-based sampling with a conditional spatial configuration.
Gruson H.  2020.  Estimation of colour volumes as concave hypervolumes using α‐shapes. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
Sauze J, Roy J, Piel C, Landais D, Gritti ES, Ravel O, Lemoine H, Faez A, Devidal S, Milcu A.  2020.  The {European} {Ecotron} of {Montpellier}: experimental platforms to study ecosystem response to climate change. 22:8650.
Casadei-Ferreira A., Fischer G., Economo E.P..  2020.  Evidence for a thoracic crop in the workers of some {Neotropical} {Pheidole} species ({Formicidae}: {Myrmicinae}). Arthropod Structure & Development. 59:100977.
Ormeño E, Viros J, Mévy J-P, Tonetto A, Saunier A, Bousquet-Mélou A, Fernandez C.  2020.  Exogenous {Isoprene} {Confers} {Physiological} {Benefits} in a {Negligible} {Isoprene} {Emitter} ({Acer} monspessulanum {L}.) under {Water} {Deficit}. Plants. 9:159.
Sonnleitner R, Ringler M, Loretto M-C, Ringler E.  2020.  Experience shapes accuracy in territorial decision-making in a poison frog. Biology Letters. 16:20200094.
.  2020.  Exploring New Technology Solutions for the conditions of Eutric/ Haplic Vertisols and Gleyic-Chromic Luvisols. 2020. Mechanization in Agriculture & Conserving of the resources.
Lachat C, Bruyère D, Etcheverry A, Aubry M, Mosser J, Warda W, Herfs M, Hendrick E, Ferrand C, Borg C et al..  2020.  {EZH2} and {KDM6B} {Expressions} {Are} {Associated} with {Specific} {Epigenetic} {Signatures} during {EMT} in {Non} {Small} {Cell} {Lung} {Carcinomas}. Cancers. 12:3649.
Gautron A, Bachelot L, Quéméner AM, Corre S, Aubry M, Rambow F, Paris A, Tardif N, Leclair HM, Coulouarn C et al..  2020.  Gain-of-function {CRISPR} screens identify tumor-promoting genes conferring melanoma cell plasticity and therapy-resistance. bioRxiv. :2020.07.08.193102.
Taheri S., Decaëns T., Cunha L., Brown G.G, Da Silva E., Bartz M.LC, Baretta D., Dupont L..  2020.  Genetic evidence of multiple introductions and mixed reproductive strategy in the peregrine earthworm {Pontoscolex} corethrurus. Biological Invasions. 22:2545–2557.