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Musavi T, Migliavacca M, Reichstein M, Kattge J, Wirth C, T. Black A, Janssens I, Knohl A, Loustau D, Roupsard O et al..  2017.  Stand age and species richness dampen interannual variation of ecosystem-level photosynthetic capacity. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 1:0048.
Ciabrelli F, Comoglio F, Fellous S, Bonev B, Ninova M, Szabo Q, Xuéreb A, Klopp C, Aravin A, Paro R et al..  2017.  Stable {Polycomb}-dependent transgenerational inheritance of chromatin states in {Drosophila}. Nature Genetics. 49:876–886.
Rautiainen M, Lukeš P, Homolová L, Hovi A, Pisek J, Mõttus M.  2018.  Spectral Properties of Coniferous Forests: A Review of In Situ and Laboratory Measurements. 10:207.
Cao Y, Zhi Y, Jeppesen E, Li W.  2019.  Species-Specific Responses of Submerged Macrophytes to Simulated Extreme Precipitation: A Mesocosm Study. 11:1160.
Marino NAC, Céréghino R, Gilbert B, Petermann JS, Srivastava DS, de Omena PM, Bautista FOspina, Guzman LMelissa, Romero GQ, M. Trzcinski K et al..  2020.  Species niches, not traits, determine abundance and occupancy patterns: {A} multi-site synthesis. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 29:295–308.
Courtois EA, Stahl C, Van den Berge J, Bréchet L, Van Langenhove L, Richter A, Urbina I, Soong JL, Peñuelas J, Janssens IA.  2018.  Spatial {Variation} of {Soil} {CO2}, {CH4} and {N2O} {Fluxes} {Across} {Topographical} {Positions} in {Tropical} {Forests} of the {Guiana} {Shield}. Ecosystems. :1–14.
Chalmandrier L, Münkemüller T, Colace M-P, Renaud J, Aubert S, Carlson BZ, Clément J-C, Legay N, Pellet G, Saillard A et al..  2017.  Spatial scale and intraspecific trait variability mediate assembly rules in alpine grasslands. Journal of Ecology. 105:277–287.
Rodríguez C, Hödl W.  2020.  Sound radiation pattern of the advertisement call of the highly territorial poison frog {Allobates} femoralis. Behavioural processes. 170:103996.
Soong JL, Marañon-Jimenez S, M. Cotrufo F, Boeckx P, Bodé S, Guenet B, Peñuelas J, Richter A, Stahl C, Verbruggen E et al..  2018.  Soil microbial {CNP} and respiration responses to organic matter and nutrient additions: {Evidence} from a tropical soil incubation. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 122:141–149.
Legay N, Piton G, Arnoldi C, Bernard L, Binet M-N, Mouhamadou B, Pommier T, Lavorel S, Foulquier A, Clément J-C.  2017.  Soil legacy effects of climatic stress, management and plant functional composition on microbial communities influence the response of {Lolium} perenne to a new drought event. Plant and Soil. 424:233–254.
Guo J, Ling N, Chen Z, Xue C, Li L, Liu L, Gao L, Wang M, Ruan J, Guo S et al..  2020.  Soil fungal assemblage complexity is dependent on soil fertility and dominated by deterministic processes. New Phytologist. 226:232–243.
Liu J, Rambal S, Mouillot F.  2015.  Soil {Drought} {Anomalies} in {MODIS} {GPP} of a {Mediterranean} {Broadleaved} {Evergreen} {Forest}. Remote Sensing. 7:1154–1180.
Hu T, Sørensen P, Olesen JEivind.  2018.  Soil carbon varies between different organic and conventional management schemes in arable agriculture. 94:79–88.
Thum T., Räisänen P., Sevanto S., Tuomi M., Reick C., Vesala T., Raddatz T., Aalto T., Järvinen H., Altimir N. et al..  2011.  Soil carbon model alternatives for {ECHAM5}/{JSBACH} climate model: {Evaluation} and impacts on global carbon cycle estimates. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 116
Chen J, Elsgaard L, Groenigen KJan, Olesen JE, Liang Z, Jiang Y, Lærke PE, Zhang Y, Luo Y, Hungate BA et al..  2020.  Soil carbon loss with warming: New evidence from carbon-degrading enzymes. 26:1944–1952.
Aupic-Samain A.  2021.  Soil biota response to experimental rainfall reduction depends on the dominant tree species in mature northern {Mediterranean} forests. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. :11.
Aupic-Samain A.  2021.  Soil biota response to experimental rainfall reduction depends on the dominant tree species in mature northern {Mediterranean} forests. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. :11.
Yu J, Xia M, Kong M, He H, Guan B, Liu Z, Jeppesen E.  2020.  A small omnivorous bitterling fish (Acheilognathus macropterus) facilitates dominance of cyanobacteria, rotifers and Limnodrilus in an outdoor mesocosm experiment. 27:23862–23870.
Chave J, Piponiot C, Maréchaux I, de Foresta H, Larpin D, Fischer FJörg, Derroire G, Vincent G, Hérault B.  2020.  Slow rate of secondary forest carbon accumulation in the {Guianas} compared with the rest of the {Neotropics}. Ecological Applications. 30:e02004.
Fischer FJörg, Labriere N, Vincent G, Hérault B, Alonso A, Memiaghe H, Bissiengou P, Kenfack D, Saatchi S, Chave J.  2020.  A simulation method to infer tree allometry and forest structure from airborne laser scanning and forest inventories. Remote Sensing of Environment. 251:112056.
Doltra J., Gallejones P., Olesen J.E., Hansen S., Frøseth R.B., Krauss M., Stalenga J., Jończyk K., Martínez-Fernández A., Pacini G.C..  2019.  Simulating soil fertility management effects on crop yield and soil nitrogen dynamics in field trials under organic farming in Europe. 233:1–11.
Carboni M, Guéguen M, Barros C, Georges D, Boulangeat I, Douzet R, Dullinger S, Klonner G, van Kleunen M, Essl F et al..  2018.  Simulating plant invasion dynamics in mountain ecosystems under global change scenarios. Global Change Biology. 24:e289–e302.
Grigulis K, Lavorel S.  2020.  Simple field-based surveys reveal climate-related anomalies in mountain grassland production. Ecological Indicators. 116:106519.
Zhu X, Zhu T, Pumpanen J, Palviainen M, Zhou X, Kulmala L, Bruckman VJ, Köster E, Köster K, Aaltonen H et al..  2020.  Short-term effects of biochar on soil {CO}2 efflux in boreal Scots pine forests. 77
Rodríguez-Calcerrada J, Pérez-Ramos IM, Ourcival J-M, Limousin J-M, Joffre R, Rambal S.  2011.  Is selective thinning an adequate practice for adapting {Quercus} ilex coppices to climate change? Annals of Forest Science. 68:575.