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Blottière L, Jaffar-Bandjee M, Jacquet S, Millot A, Hulot FD.  2017.  Effects of mixing on the pelagic food web in shallow lakes. Freshwater Biology. 62:161–177.
Bochet O, Bethencourt L, Dufresne A, Farasin J, Pédrot M, Labasque T, Chatton E, Lavenant N, Petton C, Abbott BW et al..  2020.  Iron-oxidizer hotspots formed by intermittent oxic–anoxic fluid mixing in fractured rocks. Nature Geoscience. 13:149–155.
Bodin SC, Molino J-F, Odonne G, Bremond L.  2020.  Unraveling pre-{Columbian} occupation patterns in the tropical forests of {French} {Guiana} using an anthracological approach. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. :1–14.
Boissier O, Feer F, Henry P‐yves, Forget P‐M.  2020.  Modifications of the rain forest frugivore community are associated with reduced seed removal at the community level. Ecological Applications. :e02086.
Boissier O, Feer F, Henry P‐yves, Forget P‐M.  2020.  Modifications of the rainforest frugivore community are associated with reduced seed removal at the community level. Ecological Applications.
Boissieu F.d, Lang M., Féret J., Monnet J., Durrieu S..  2019.  Reconstruction of {Airborne} {Laser} {Scanner} {Trajectory} {From} {Data}. {IGARSS} 2019 - 2019 {IEEE} {International} {Geoscience} and {Remote} {Sensing} {Symposium}. :8964–8967.
Bonhomme C, Céréghino R, Carrias J-F, Compin A, Corbara B, Jassey VEJ, Leflaive J, Farjalla VF, Marino NAC, Rota T et al..  2021.  In situ resistance, not immigration, supports invertebrate community resilience to drought intensification in a {Neotropical} ecosystem. Journal of Animal Ecology. n/a
Bossu J, Lehnebach R, Corn S, Regazzi A, Beauchêne J, Clair B.  2018.  Interlocked grain and density patterns in {Bagassa} guianensis: changes with ontogeny and mechanical consequences for trees. Trees. :1–13.
Boucher FC, Lavergne S, Basile M, Choler P, Aubert S.  2016.  Evolution and biogeography of the cushion life form in angiosperms. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics. 20:22–31.
Bouffet-Halle A, Mériguet J, Carmignac D, Agostini S, Millot A, Perret S, Motard E, Decencière B, Edeline E.  2020.  Density-dependent natural selection mediates harvest-induced trait changes. bioRxiv. :561522.
Bourgeois I, Clément J-C, Caillon N, Savarino J.  2019.  Foliar uptake of atmospheric nitrate by two dominant subalpine plants: insights from in situ triple-isotope analysis. New Phytologist.
Bourgeois I, Savarino J, Némery J, Caillon N, Albertin S, Delbart F, Voisin D, Clément J-C.  2018.  Atmospheric nitrate export in streams along a montane to urban gradient. Science of The Total Environment. 633:329–340.
Bourgeois I, Savarino J, Caillon N, Angot H, Barbero A, Delbart F, Voisin D, Clément J-C.  2018.  Tracing the {Fate} of {Atmospheric} {Nitrate} in a {Subalpine} {Watershed} {Using} Δ $^{\textrm{17}}$ {O}. Environmental Science & Technology. 52:5561–5570.
Bréchet L, Courtois EA, Saint-Germain T, Janssens IA, Asensio D, Ramirez-Rojas I, Soong JL, Van Langenhove L, Verbruggen E, Stahl C.  2019.  Disentangling {Drought} and {Nutrient} {Effects} on {Soil} {Carbon} {Dioxide} and {Methane} {Fluxes} in a {Tropical} {Forest}. Frontiers in Environmental Science. 7
Brousseau L, Fine PVA, Dreyer E, Vendramin GG, Scotti I.  2020.  Genomic and phenotypic divergence unveil microgeographic adaptation in the {Amazonian} hyperdominant tree {Eperua} falcata {Aubl}. ({Fabaceae}). Molecular Ecology. n/a
Bruelheide H, Dengler J, Purschke O, Lenoir J, Jiménez-Alfaro B, Hennekens SM, Botta-Dukát Z, Chytrý M, Field R, Jansen F et al..  2018.  Global trait–environment relationships of plant communities. Nature Ecology & Evolution.
Brugnera Mdi Porcia, Fischer R, Taubert F, Huth A, Verbeeck H.  2020.  Lianas in silico, ecological insights from a model of structural parasitism. Ecological Modelling. 431:109159.
Brugnera Mdi Porcia, Meunier F, Longo M, Moorthy SMKrishna, De Deurwaerder H, Schnitzer SA, Bonal D, Faybishenko B, Verbeeck H.  2019.  Modeling the impact of liana infestation on the demography and carbon cycle of tropical forests. Global Change Biology. 25:3767–3780.
Bsaibes S, Piel F, Gros V, Truong F, Lafouge F, Ciuraru R, Buysse P, Kammer J, Loubet B, Staudt M.  2020.  Monoterpene {Chemical} {Speciation} with {High} {Time} {Resolution} {Using} a {FastGC}/{PTR}-{MS}: {Results} from the {COV3ER} {Experiment} on {Quercus} ilex. Atmosphere. 11:690.
Burté L, Cravotta CA, Bethencourt L, Farasin J, Pédrot M, Dufresne A, Gérard M-F, Baranger C, Le Borgne T, Aquilina L.  2019.  Kinetic {Study} on {Clogging} of a {Geothermal} {Pumping} {Well} {Triggered} by {Mixing}-{Induced} {Biogeochemical} {Reactions}. Environmental Science & Technology. 53:5848–5857.
Bykova O., Limousin J.-M., Ourcival J.-M., Chuine I..  2018.  Water deficit disrupts male gametophyte development in \textit{{Quercus} ilex}. Plant Biology. 20:450–455.