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igut L., P. ova H, Klem K., prtova M., Calfapietra C., Marek M.V, punda V., Urban O..  2015.  Does long-term cultivation of saplings under elevated {CO}2 concentration influence their photosynthetic response to temperature? 116:929–939.
Guillemot J., Martin-StPaul N.K, Dufrêne E., François C., Soudani K., Ourcival J.M, Delpierre N..  2015.  The dynamic of the annual carbon allocation to wood in {European} tree species is consistent with a combined source–sink limitation of growth: implications for modelling. Biogeosciences. 12:2773–2790.
Coulis M., Fromin N., David J.-F., Gavinet J., Clet A., Devidal S., Roy J., Hättenschwiler S..  2015.  Functional dissimilarity across trophic levels as a driver of soil processes in a {Mediterranean} decomposer system exposed to two moisture levels. Oikos. :EV–1–EV–13.
Medoc V, Albert H, Spataro T.  2015.  Functional response comparisons among freshwater amphipods: ratio-dependence and higher predation for {Gammarus} pulex compared to the non-natives {Dikerogammarus} villosus and {Echinogammarus} berilloni. Biological Invasions. 17:3625–3637.
De Boeck HJ, Vicca S, Roy J, Nijs I, Milcu A, Kreyling J, Jentsch A, Chabbi A, Campioli M, Callaghan T et al..  2015.  Global change experiments: challenges and opportunities. BioScience. 65:922–931.
Lempereur M, Martin-StPaul NK, Damesin C, Joffre R, Ourcival J-M, Rocheteau A, Rambal S.  2015.  Growth duration is a better predictor of stem increment than carbon supply in a {Mediterranean} oak forest: implications for assessing forest productivity under climate change. New Phytologist. :12.
Wingate L., Ogée J., Cremonese E., Filippa G., Mizunuma T., Migliavacca M., Moisy C., Wilkinson M., Moureaux C., Wohlfahrt G. et al..  2015.  Interpreting canopy development and physiology using a {European} phenology camera network at flux sites. Biogeosciences. 12:5995–6015.
Bestion E, Teyssier A, Richard M, Clobert J, Cote J.  2015.  Live {Fast}, {Die} {Young}: {Experimental} {Evidence} of {Population} {Extinction} {Risk} due to {Climate} {Change}. PLoS Biology. 13:e1002281.
Gea-Izquierdo G., Guibal F., Joffre R., Ourcival J.M, Simioni G., Guiot J..  2015.  Modelling the climatic drivers determining photosynthesis and carbon allocation in evergreen {Mediterranean} forests using multiproxy long time series. Biogeosciences. 12:3695–3712.
Roguet A, Laigle GS, Therial C, Bressy A, Soulignac F, Catherine A, Lacroix G, Jardillier L, Bonhomme C, Lerch TZ et al..  2015.  Neutral community model explains the bacterial community assembly in freshwater lakes. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 91:fiv125.
Mainié F, Huguet A, Breban A, Lacroix G, Anquetil C, Derenne S.  2015.  Origin and applicability of tetraether membrane lipids as temperature proxies in {French} peri-urban lakes. {EGU} {General} {Assembly} {Conference} {Abstracts}. 17
Lange M, Eisenhauer N, Sierra Ca., Bessler H, Engels C, Griffiths RI, Mellado-Vázquez PG, Malik Aa., Roy J, Scheu S et al..  2015.  Plant diversity increases soil microbial activity and soil carbon storage. Nature Communications. 6:6707.
Santonja M, Baldy V, Fernandez C, Balesdent J, Gauquelin T.  2015.  Potential {Shift} in {Plant} {Communities} with {Climate} {Change}: {Outcome} on {Litter} {Decomposition} and {Nutrient} {Release} in a {Mediterranean} {Oak} {Forest}. Ecosystems. 18:1253–1268.
de Dios VResco, Roy J, Ferrio JPedro, Alday JG, Landais D, Milcu A, Gessler A.  2015.  Processes driving nocturnal transpiration and implications for estimating land evapotranspiration. Scientific Reports. 5:10975.
Legrand D, Trochet A, Moulherat S, Calvez O, Stevens VM, Ducatez S, Clobert J, Baguette M.  2015.  Ranking the ecological causes of dispersal in a butterfly. Ecography. 38:822–831.
Liu J, Rambal S, Mouillot F.  2015.  Soil {Drought} {Anomalies} in {MODIS} {GPP} of a {Mediterranean} {Broadleaved} {Evergreen} {Forest}. Remote Sensing. 7:1154–1180.
Gauzens B., Thebault E., Lacroix G., Legendre S..  2015.  Trophic groups and modules: two levels of group detection in food webs. Journal of The Royal Society Interface. 12:20141176–20141176.
Genard-Zielinski A.-C., Boissard C., Fernandez C., Kalogridis C., Lathière J., Gros V., Bonnaire N., Ormeño E..  2015.  Variability of {BVOC} emissions from a {Mediterranean} mixed forest in southern {France} with a focus on \textit{{Quercus} pubescens}. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 15:431–446.
Harrault L, Allard B, Mériguet J, Carmignac D, Huon S, Gauzens B, Lacroix G.  2014.  Bottom-up effects of lake sediment on pelagic food-web compartments: a mesocosm study. Freshwater Biology. 59:1695–1709.
Verdier B, Jouanneau I, Simonnet B, Rabin C, Van Dooren TJM, Delpierre N, Clobert J, Abbadie L, Ferrière R, Le Galliard J-F.  2014.  Climate and {Atmosphere} {Simulator} for {Experiments} on {Ecological} {Systems} in {Changing} {Environments}. Environmental Science & Technology. 48:8744–8753.
Kalogridis C., Gros V., Sarda-Esteve R., Langford B., Loubet B., Bonsang B., Bonnaire N., Nemitz E., Genard A.-C., Boissard C. et al..  2014.  Concentrations and fluxes of isoprene and oxygenated {VOCs} at a {French} {Mediterranean} oak forest. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 14:10085–10102.
Hulot FD, Lacroix G, Loreau M.  2014.  Differential responses of size-based functional groups to bottom-up and top-down perturbations in pelagic food webs: a meta-analysis. Oikos. 123:1291–1300.
Guenet B, Danger M, Harrault L, Allard B, Jauset-Alcala M, Bardoux G, Benest D, Abbadie L, Lacroix G.  2014.  Fast mineralization of land-born {C} in inland waters: first experimental evidences of aquatic priming effect. Hydrobiologia. 721:35–44.
Milcu A, Roscher C, Gessler A, Bachmann D, Gockele A, Guderle M, Landais D, Piel C, Escape C, Devidal S et al..  2014.  Functional diversity of leaf nitrogen concentrations drives grassland carbon fluxes. Ecology Letters. 17:435–444.
Rambal S., Lempereur M., Limousin J.M, Martin-StPaul N.K, Ourcival J.M, Rodríguez-Calcerrada J..  2014.  How drought severity constrains gross primary production({GPP}) and its partitioning among carbon pools in a \textit{{Quercus} ilex} coppice? Biogeosciences. 11:6855–6869.