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Dusza Y, Sanchez-Cañete EP, Le Galliard J-F, Ferrière R, Chollet S, Massol F, Hansart A, Juarez S, Dontsova K, van Haren J et al..  2020.  Biotic soil-plant interaction processes explain most of hysteretic soil {CO2} efflux response to temperature in cross-factorial mesocosm experiment. Scientific Reports. 10:905.
Rodríguez C, Amézquita A, Ringler M, Pasukonis A, Hödl W.  2020.  Calling amplitude flexibility and acoustic spacing in the territorial frog {Allobates} femoralis. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. 74:76.
Verryckt LT, Ellsworth DS, Vicca S, Van Langenhove L, Peñuelas J, Ciais P, Posada JM, Stahl C, Coste S, Courtois EA et al..  2020.  Can light-saturated photosynthesis in lowland tropical forests be estimated by one light level? Biotropica. 52:1183–1193.
Verryckt LT, Ellsworth DS, Vicca S, Van Langenhove L, Peñuelas J, Ciais P, Posada JM, Stahl C, Coste S, Courtois EA.  2020.  Can light‐saturated photosynthesis in lowland tropical forests be estimated by one light level? Biotropica. 52:1183–1193.
.  2020.  Changes in the agrochemical status of Haplic Vertisols depending on the agro-technical measures. Mechanization in agriculture and conserving of the resources.
Zagorski D, Hartmann M, Bertrand YJK, Paštová L, Slavíková R, Josefiová J, Fehrer J.  2020.  Characterization and {Dynamics} of {Repeatomes} in {Closely} {Related} {Species} of {Hieracium} ({Asteraceae}) and {Their} {Synthetic} and {Apomictic} {Hybrids}. Frontiers in Plant Science. 11
de Dios VResco, Anderegg WRL, Li X, Tissue DT, Bahn M, Landais D, Milcu A, Yao Y, Nolan RH, Roy J et al..  2020.  Circadian {Regulation} {Does} {Not} {Optimize} {Stomatal} {Behaviour}. Plants. 9:1091.
Martinez‐Almoyna C, Piton G, Abdulhak S, Boulangeat L, Choler P, Delahaye T, Dentant C, Foulquier A, Poulenard J, Noble V et al..  2020.  Climate, soil resources and microbial activity shape the distributions of mountain plants based on their functional traits. Ecography. 43:1550–1559.
Shen R, Gu X, Chen H, Mao Z, Zeng Q, Jeppesen E.  2020.  Combining bivalve (Corbicula fluminea) and filter-feeding fish (Aristichthys nobilis) enhances the bioremediation effect of algae: An outdoor mesocosm study. 727:138692.
Privet K, Pétillon J.  2020.  Comparative patterns in taxonomic and functional spider diversities between tropical vs. temperate forests. Ecology and evolution. 10:13165–13172.
Schlund M., Erasmi S., Scipal K..  2020.  Comparison of {Aboveground} {Biomass} {Estimation} {From} {InSAR} and {LiDAR} {Canopy} {Height} {Models} in {Tropical} {Forests}. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. 17:367–371.
Martin RLopes, Le Boulch P, Clin P, Schwarzenberg A, Yvin J-C, Andrivon D, Nguema-Ona E, Val F.  2020.  A comparison of {PTI} defense profiles induced in {Solanum} tuberosum by {PAMP} and non-{PAMP} elicitors shows distinct, elicitor-specific responses. PLOS ONE. 15:e0236633.
Vacher J-P, Manzi S, Rodrigues MTrefaut, Fouquet A.  2020.  The complete mitochondrial genome of {Iphisa} elegans ({Reptilia}: {Squamata}: {Gymnophthalmidae}). Mitochondrial DNA Part B. 5:3088–3090.
Lehmann P, Ammunét T, Barton M, Battisti A, Eigenbrode SD, Jepsen JUhd, Kalinkat G, Neuvonen S, Niemelä P, Terblanche JS et al..  2020.  Complex responses of global insect pests to climate warming. 18:141–150.
Verryckt LT, Van Langenhove L, Ciais P, Courtois EA, Vicca S, Peñuelas J, Stahl C, Coste S, Ellsworth DS, Posada JM et al..  2020.  Coping with branch excision when measuring leaf net photosynthetic rates in a lowland tropical forest. Biotropica. 52:608–615.
Pegoraro L, Baker EC, Aeschimann D, Balant M, Douzet R, Garnatje T, Guignard MS, Leitch IJ, Leitch AR, Palazzesi L et al..  2020.  The correlation of phylogenetics, elevation and ploidy on the incidence of apomixis in {Asteraceae} in the {European} {Alps}. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society. 194:410–422.
Barry K, Van Ruijven J, Mommer L, Bai Y, Beierkuhnlein C, Buchmann N, De Kroon H, Ebeling A, Eisenhauer N, Guimaraes-Steinicke C et al..  2020.  Data from: {Limited} evidence for spatial resource partitioning across temperate grassland biodiversity experiments.
Bouffet-Halle A, Mériguet J, Carmignac D, Agostini S, Millot A, Perret S, Motard E, Decencière B, Edeline E.  2020.  Density-dependent natural selection mediates harvest-induced trait changes. bioRxiv. :561522.
Schoelynck J., Van Loon P., Heirmans R., Jacobs S., Keirsebelik H..  2020.  Design and testing of a trap removing Chinese mitten crabs (Eriocheir sinensis, H. Milne Edwards, 1853) from invaded river systems. River Research and Applications.
Schoelynck J, Loon P, Heirmans R, Jacobs S, Keirsebelik H.  2020.  Design and testing of a trap removing Chinese mitten crabs ( Eriocheir sinensis , H. Milne Edwards, 1853) from invaded river systems. 37:307–317.
Ramalho MO, Duplais C, Orivel J, Dejean A, Gibson JC, Suarez AV, Moreau CS.  2020.  Development but not diet alters microbial communities in the {Neotropical} arboreal trap jaw ant {Daceton} armigerum: an exploratory study. Scientific Reports. 10:7350.
Véquaud P, Derenne S, Thibault A, Anquetil C, Bonanomi G, Collin S, Contreras S, Nottingham A, Sabatier P, Salinas N et al..  2020.  Development of global temperature and {pH} calibrations based on bacterial 3-hydroxy fatty acids in soils. Biogeosciences Discussions. :1–40.
Gargallo-Garriga A, Sardans J, Granda V, Llusià J, Peguero G, Asensio D, Ogaya R, Urbina I, Van Langenhove L, Verryckt LT et al..  2020.  Different “metabolomic niches” of the highly diverse tree species of the {French} {Guiana} rainforests. Scientific Reports. 10:6937.
Binelli G, Montaigne W, Sabatier D, Scotti‐Saintagne C, Scotti I.  2020.  Discrepancies between genetic and ecological divergence patterns suggest a complex biogeographic history in a {Neotropical} genus. Ecology and Evolution. 10:4726–4738.
Birer C, Moreau CS, Tysklind N, Zinger L, Duplais C.  2020.  Disentangling the assembly mechanisms of ant cuticular bacterial communities of two {Amazonian} ant species sharing a common arboreal nest. Molecular Ecology. 29:1372–1385.