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Peltomaa E, Hällfors H, Taipale SJ.  2019.  Comparison of Diatoms and Dinoflagellates from Different Habitats as Sources of {PUFAs}. 17:233.
Peltomaa ET, Taipale S.  2020.  Osmotrophic glucose and leucine assimilation and its impact on {EPA} and {DHA} content in algae. 8:e8363.
Peng X, Li X, Wang C, Fu H, Du Y.  2018.  A {Maximum} {Likelihood} {Based} {Nonparametric} {Iterative} {Adaptive} {Method} of {Synthetic} {Aperture} {Radar} {Tomography} and {Its} {Application} for {Estimating} {Underlying} {Topography} and {Forest} {Height}.. Sensors. 18
Pereira S, Burešová A, Kopecky J, Mádrová P, Aupic-Samain A, Fernandez C, Baldy V, Sagova-Mareckova M.  2019.  Litter traits and rainfall reduction alter microbial litter decomposers: the evidence from three {Mediterranean} forests. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. :fiz168.
Pérez-Ramos IM, Rodríguez-Calcerrada J, Ourcival JM, Rambal S.  2013.  Quercus ilex recruitment in a drier world: {A} multi-stage demographic approach. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics. 15:106–117.
Picard N, Gamarra JGP, Birigazzi L, Branthomme A.  2018.  Plot-level variability in biomass for tropical forest inventory designs. Forest Ecology and Management. 430:10–20.
Picard N.  2019.  Asymmetric {Competition} {Can} {Shape} the {Size} {Distribution} of {Trees} in a {Natural} {Tropical} {Forest}. Forest Science. 65:562–569.
Pillet M, Joetzjer E, Belmin C, Chave J, Ciais P, Dourdain A, Evans M, Hérault B, Luyssaert S, Poulter B.  2018.  Disentangling competitive vs. climatic drivers of tropical forest mortality. Journal of Ecology. 106:1165–1179.
Pillet M., Castaldo G., De Weggheleire S., Bervoets L., Blust R., De Boeck G..  2019.  Limited oxidative stress in common carp (Cyprinus carpio, L., 1758) exposed to a sublethal tertiary (Cu, Cd and Zn) metal mixture. 218:70–80.
Pinagé ERangel, Keller M, Duffy P, Longo M, dos-Santos MNara, Morton DC.  2019.  Long-{Term} {Impacts} of {Selective} {Logging} on {Amazon} {Forest} {Dynamics} from {Multi}-{Temporal} {Airborne} {LiDAR}. Remote Sensing. 11:709.
Piponiot C, Derroire G, Descroix L, Mazzei L, Rutishauser E, Sist P, Hérault B.  2018.  Assessing timber volume recovery after disturbance in tropical forests – {A} new modelling framework. Ecological Modelling. 384:353–369.
Pita G.  2013.  Carbon and water vapor fluxes over four forests in two contrasting climatic zones. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. :14.
Pommier T, Cantarel AAM, Grigulis K, Lavorel S, Legay N, Baxendale C, Bardgett RD, Bahn M, Poly F, Clément J-C.  2018.  The added value of including key microbial traits to determine nitrogen-related ecosystem services in managed grasslands. Journal of Applied Ecology. 55:49–58.
Pouchon C, Lavergne S, Fernández Á, Alberti A, Aubert S, Mavárez J.  2020.  Phylogenetic signatures of ecological divergence and leapfrog adaptive radiation in {Espeletia}. American Journal of Botany. n/a
Privet K, Pétillon J.  2020.  Comparative patterns in taxonomic and functional spider diversities between tropical vs. temperate forests. Ecology and evolution. 10:13165–13172.
Puga-Freitas R, Bagard M, Leitao L, Merlier E, Espinasse C, Repellin A, Bessoule J-J, Le Guédard M, Hansart A, Chollet S et al..  2018.  Responses of crops to ozone exposure: study of physiological parameters.
Raffard A, Cucherousset J, Montoya JM, Richard M, Acoca-Pidolle S, Poésy C, Garreau A, Santoul F, Blanchet S.  2020.  Intraspecific diversity loss in a predator species alters prey community structure and ecosystem functions. bioRxiv. :2020.06.10.144337.
Raj R, Bayat B, Lukeš P, Šigut L, Homolová L.  2020.  Analyzing Daily Estimation of Forest Gross Primary Production Based on Harmonized Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Product Using {SCOPE} Process-Based Model. 12:3773.
Ramachandran N., Tebaldini S., d'Alessandro M.M, Saatchi S., Dikshit O..  2019.  Comparative {Analysis} of {Forest} {Biomass} {Estimation} using {SAR} {Tomographic} {Techniques}. 2019 {IEEE} {MTT}-{S} {International} {Microwave} and {RF} {Conference} ({IMARC}). :1–5.
Ramalho MO, Duplais C, Orivel J, Dejean A, Gibson JC, Suarez AV, Moreau CS.  2020.  Development but not diet alters microbial communities in the {Neotropical} arboreal trap jaw ant {Daceton} armigerum: an exploratory study. Scientific Reports. 10:7350.
Rambal S., Lempereur M., Limousin J.M, Martin-StPaul N.K, Ourcival J.M, Rodríguez-Calcerrada J..  2014.  How drought severity constrains gross primary production({GPP}) and its partitioning among carbon pools in a \textit{{Quercus} ilex} coppice? Biogeosciences. 11:6855–6869.
Rasheed M.U., Julkunen-Tiitto R., Kivimäenpää M., Riikonen J., Kasurinen A..  2020.  Responses of soil-grown Scots pine seedlings to experimental warming, moderate nitrogen addition and bark herbivory in a three-year field experiment. 733:139110.
Rautiainen M, Lukeš P, Homolová L, Hovi A, Pisek J, Mõttus M.  2018.  Spectral Properties of Coniferous Forests: A Review of In Situ and Laboratory Measurements. 10:207.
Ravel O, Chollet S.  2017.  Les données au cœur de l’infrastructure expérimentale {Ecotrons}, in {R}. {Mosseri} et {M} {Bouzeghoub} (dir.), {Les} {Big} {Data} à {Découvert}, {CNRS} {Editions}, pp 242-243.. Les {Big} {Data} à {Découvert}. :242–243.