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Dusza Y, Juarez S, Chollet S, Ferrière R, Hansart A, Massol F, Llavata M, Le Galliard J-F, Sánchez-Cañete EPérez, Barron-Gafford G.  2018.  Quantifying the importance of biotic and abiotic drivers in creating lags in soil {CO2} efflux. 20:8461.
Saunier A, Ormeño E, Havaux M, Wortham H, Ksas B, Temime-Roussel B, Blande JD, Lecareux C, Mévy J-P, Bousquet-Mélou A et al..  2018.  Resistance of native oak to recurrent drought conditions simulating predicted climatic changes in the {Mediterranean} region. Plant, Cell & Environment. 41:2299–2312.
Hao B, Wu H, Jeppesen E, Li W.  2018.  The response of phytoplankton communities to experimentally elevated temperatures in the presence and absence of Potamogeton crispus. 35:539–546.
Johnson J, Pannatier EGraf, Carnicelli S, Cecchini G, Clarke N, Cools N, Hansen K, Meesenburg H, Nieminen TM, Pihl-Karlsson G et al..  2018.  The response of soil solution chemistry in European forests to decreasing acid deposition. 24:3603–3619.
Fontaine S, Stahl C, Klumpp K, Picon‐Cochard C, Grise MM, Dezécache C, Ponchant L, Freycon V, Blanc L, Bonal D et al..  2018.  Response to {Editor} to the comment by {Schipper} to our paper entitled “{Continuous} soil carbon storage of old permanent pastures in {Amazonia}”. Global Change Biology. 24:e732–e733.
Puga-Freitas R, Bagard M, Leitao L, Merlier E, Espinasse C, Repellin A, Bessoule J-J, Le Guédard M, Hansart A, Chollet S et al..  2018.  Responses of crops to ozone exposure: study of physiological parameters.
Hao B, Roejkjaer AFabrin, Wu H, Cao Y, Jeppesen E, Li W.  2018.  Responses of primary producers in shallow lakes to elevated temperature: a mesocosm experiment during the growing season of Potamogeton crispus. 80
Martínez B., Sanchez-Ruiz S., Gilabert M.A, Moreno A., Campos-Taberner M., García-Haro F.J, Trigo I.F, Aurela M., Brümmer C., Carrara A. et al..  2018.  Retrieval of daily gross primary production over {Europe} and {Africa} from an ensemble of {SEVIRI}/{MSG} products. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. 65:124–136.
Anouhe JBaptiste S, Niamké FBobelé, Faustin M, Virieux D, Pirat JLuc, Adima AAmissa, Kati-Coulibaly S, Amusant N.  2018.  The role of extractives in the natural durability of the heartwood of {Dicorynia} guianensis {Amsh}: new insights in antioxydant and antifungal properties. Annals of Forest Science. 75:15.
Van Dooren T, Thomassen HA, Smit F, Helmstetter AJ, Savolainen V.  2018.  Scope for sympatric giant-dwarf speciation driven by cannibalism in {South}-{American} annual killifish ({Austrolebias}). bioRxiv. :121806.
Genard-Zielinski A-C, Boissard C, Ormeño E, Lathière J, Reiter IM, Wortham H, Orts J-P, Temime-Roussel B, Guenet B, Bartsch S et al..  2018.  Seasonal variations of \textit{{Quercus} pubescens} isoprene emissions from an \textit{in natura} forest under drought stress and sensitivity to future climate change in the {Mediterranean} area. Biogeosciences. 15:4711–4730.
Carboni M, Guéguen M, Barros C, Georges D, Boulangeat I, Douzet R, Dullinger S, Klonner G, van Kleunen M, Essl F et al..  2018.  Simulating plant invasion dynamics in mountain ecosystems under global change scenarios. Global Change Biology. 24:e289–e302.
Rochelle-Newall E, Blottière L, Consortium C.  2018.  Small changes in phosphorus additions alter the aromaticity of {Chromophoric} dissolved organic matter ({CDOM}) in lakewater. 20:9464.
Hu T, Sørensen P, Olesen JEivind.  2018.  Soil carbon varies between different organic and conventional management schemes in arable agriculture. 94:79–88.
Soong JL, Marañon-Jimenez S, M. Cotrufo F, Boeckx P, Bodé S, Guenet B, Peñuelas J, Richter A, Stahl C, Verbruggen E et al..  2018.  Soil microbial {CNP} and respiration responses to organic matter and nutrient additions: {Evidence} from a tropical soil incubation. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 122:141–149.
Floch J.-M, Marcon E., Puech F..  2018.  Spatial distribution of points. Handbook of {Spatial} {Analysis}. :71–111.
Courtois EA, Stahl C, Van den Berge J, Bréchet L, Van Langenhove L, Richter A, Urbina I, Soong JL, Peñuelas J, Janssens IA.  2018.  Spatial {Variation} of {Soil} {CO2}, {CH4} and {N2O} {Fluxes} {Across} {Topographical} {Positions} in {Tropical} {Forests} of the {Guiana} {Shield}. Ecosystems. :1–14.
Bestion E., Cote J..  2018.  Species {Responses} to {Climate} {Change}: {Integrating} {Individual}-{Based} {Ecology} {Into} {Community} and {Ecosystem} {Studies}. Encyclopedia of the {Anthropocene}. :139–147.
Rautiainen M, Lukeš P, Homolová L, Hovi A, Pisek J, Mõttus M.  2018.  Spectral Properties of Coniferous Forests: A Review of In Situ and Laboratory Measurements. 10:207.
Zhen W, Zhang X, Guan B, Yin C, Yu J, Jeppesen E, Zhao X, Liu Z.  2018.  Stocking of herbivorous fish in eutrophic shallow clear-water lakes to reduce standing height of submerged macrophytes while maintaining their biomass. 113:61–64.
Davidson TA, Audet J, Jeppesen E, Landkildehus F, Lauridsen TL, Søndergaard M, Syväranta J.  2018.  Synergy between nutrients and warming enhances methane ebullition from experimental lakes. 8:156–160.
Fu T, Touboul D, Della-Negra S, Houël E, Amusant N, Duplais C, Fisher GL, Brunelle A.  2018.  Tandem {MS} imaging and in situ characterization of bioactive wood metabolites in {Amazonian} tree species {Sextonia} rubra. Analytical Chemistry. :acs.analchem.8b01157.
Lochon I, Colace M-P, Devaux C, Grigulis K, Rettinger R, Lavorel S.  2018.  Taxonomic and functional facets of the resilience to management of mown subalpine grasslands. Applied Vegetation Science. 21:636–646.
Cabon A, Mouillot F, Lempereur M, Ourcival J-M, Simioni G, Limousin J-M.  2018.  Thinning increases tree growth by delaying drought-induced growth cessation in a {Mediterranean} evergreen oak coppice. Forest Ecology and Management. 409:333–342.
Knauer J, Zaehle S, Medlyn BE, Reichstein M, Williams CA, Migliavacca M, De Kauwe MG, Werner C, Keitel C, Kolari P et al..  2018.  Towards physiologically meaningful water-use efficiency estimates from eddy covariance data. Global Change Biology. 24:694–710.