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Jusselme M-D, Saccone P, Zinger L, Faure M, Le Roux X, Guillaumaud N, Bernard L, Clément J-C, Poly F.  2016.  Variations in snow depth modify {N}-related soil microbial abundances and functioning during winter in subalpine grassland. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 92:27–37.
Johnson J, Pannatier EGraf, Carnicelli S, Cecchini G, Clarke N, Cools N, Hansen K, Meesenburg H, Nieminen TM, Pihl-Karlsson G et al..  2018.  The response of soil solution chemistry in European forests to decreasing acid deposition. 24:3603–3619.
Joët T, Ourcival J-M, Capelli M, Dussert S, Morin X.  2016.  Explanatory ecological factors for the persistence of desiccation-sensitive seeds in transient soil seed banks: {Quercus} ilex as a case study. Annals of Botany. 117:165–176.
Joët T, Ourcival J-M, Dussert S.  2013.  Ecological significance of seed desiccation sensitivity in {Quercus} ilex. Annals of Botany. 111:693–701.
Jaouen G, Sagne A, Buyck B, Decock C, Louisanna E, Manzi S, Baraloto C, Roy M, Schimann H.  2019.  Fungi of {French} {Guiana} gathered in a taxonomic, environmental and molecular dataset. Scientific Data. 6:206.
Jacquin L., Mori Q., Médoc V..  2013.  Does the carotenoid-based colouration of {Polymorphus} minutus facilitate its trophic transmission to definitive hosts? Parasitology. 140:1310–1315.
Jacquin L, Mori Q, Pause M, Steffen M, Medoc V.  2014.  Non-{Specific} {Manipulation} of {Gammarid} {Behaviour} by {P}. minutus {Parasite} {Enhances} {Their} {Predation} by {Definitive} {Bird} {Hosts}. Plos One. 9:e101684.
J V, C F, H W, J G, C L, E O.  2020.  Litter of mediterranean species as a source of volatile organic compounds. Atmospheric Environment. 242:117815.