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Zhi Y, Cao Y, Sun J, Li W, Jeppesen E.  2018.  Indirect effects of extreme precipitation on the growth of Vallisneria denseserrulata Makino. 153:229–235.
Harrault L, Allard B, Mériguet J, Carmignac D, Perret S, Huon S, Edeline E, Lacroix G.  2013.  Influence of allochtonous carbon input and food-web structure on freshwater biotic communities and sedimentation process. {EGU} {General} {Assembly} {Conference} {Abstracts}. 15
Alibert C, Pili E, Barré P, Massol F.  2018.  Influence of biogeochemical reactions on inert gas fluxes between soil and the atmosphere. 20:2177.
Dontsova K., Juarez S, Villasenor E., Le Galliard J.-F., Chollet S, Llavata M, Massol F, Hunt E., Barré P, Daval D. et al..  2019.  Influence of {Climate} on {Plant}-{Rock} {Interactions} during {Early} {Soil} {Development}.
Harrault L, Allard B, Danger M, Maunoury-Danger F, Guilpart A, Lacroix G.  2012.  Influence of food-web structure on the biodegradability of lake sediment: \textit{{Food}-web effects on sediment biodegradability}. Freshwater Biology. 57:2390–2400.
Mony C, Vannier N, Brunellière P, Biget M, Coudouel S, Vandenkoornhuyse P.  2020.  The influence of host-plant connectivity on fungal assemblages in the root microbiota of {Brachypodium} pinnatum. Ecology. 101:e02976.
Tuzet F, Dumont M, Arnaud L, Voisin D, Lamare M, Larue F, Revuelto J, Picard G.  2019.  Influence of light-absorbing particles on snow spectral irradiance profiles. The Cryosphere. 13:2169–2187.
van der Bom F.J.T., McLaren T.I., Doolette A.L., Magid J., Frossard E., Oberson A., Jensen L.S..  2019.  Influence of long-term phosphorus fertilisation history on the availability and chemical nature of soil phosphorus. 355:113909.
Legay N, Lavorel S, Baxendale C, Krainer U, Bahn M, Binet M-N, Cantarel AAM, Colace M-P, Foulquier A, Kastl E-M et al..  2016.  Influence of plant traits, soil microbial properties, and abiotic parameters on nitrogen turnover of grassland ecosystems. Ecosphere. 7:e01448.
Lagomarsino A, Agnelli AElio.  2020.  Influence of vegetation cover and soil features on {CO}2, {CH}4 and N2O fluxes in northern Finnish Lapland. 24:100531.
Silfver T, Heiskanen L, Aurela M, Myller K, Karhu K, Meyer N, Tuovinen J-P, Oksanen E, Rousi M, Mikola J.  2020.  Insect herbivory dampens Subarctic birch forest C sink response to warming. 11
Damgaard C, Ehlers BK, Ransijn JCG, Schmidt IK, Svenning J-C.  2018.  Insights on plant interaction between dominating species from patterns of plant association: expected covariance of pin-point cover measurements of two species. 25:221–235.
Schermer M, Darnhofer I, Daugstad K, Gabillet M, Lavorel S, Steinbacher M.  2016.  Institutional impacts on the resilience of mountain grasslands: an analysis based on three {European} case studies. Land Use Policy. 52:382–391.
Damgaard C.  2018.  Integrating hierarchical statistical models and machine-learning algorithms for ground-truthing drone images of the vegetation: taxonomy, abundance and population ecological models.
Riutta T, Korrensalo A, Laine AM, Laine J, Tuittila E-S.  2020.  Interacting effects of vegetation components and water level on methane dynamics in a boreal fen. 17:727–740.
Zou K, Thébault E, Lacroix G, Barot S.  2016.  Interactions between the green and brown food web determine ecosystem functioning. Functional Ecology. 30:1454–1465.
Ofori-Amanfo KKwakye, Klem K, Veselá B, Holub P, Agyei T, Marek MV, Grace J, Urban O.  2020.  Interactive Effect of Elevated {CO}2 and Reduced Summer Precipitation on Photosynthesis is Species-Specific: The Case Study with Soil-Planted Norway Spruce and Sessile Oak in a Mountainous Forest Plot. 12:42.
Urban O., Hrstka M., Holub P., Veselá B., Večeřová K., Novotná K., Grace J., Klem K..  2019.  Interactive effects of ultraviolet radiation and elevated {CO}2 concentration on photosynthetic characteristics of European beech saplings during the vegetation season. 134:20–30.
Klem K, Záhora J, Zemek F, Trunda P, Tůma I, Novotná K, Hodaňová P, Rapantová B, Hanuš J, Vavříková J et al..  2018.  Interactive effects of water deficit and nitrogen nutrition on winter wheat. Remote sensing methods for their detection. 210:171–184.
Mäki M, Aalto J, Hellén H, Pihlatie M, Bäck J.  2019.  Interannual and Seasonal Dynamics of Volatile Organic Compound Fluxes From the Boreal Forest Floor. 10
Aguilos M, Stahl C, Burban B, Hérault B, Courtois E, Coste S, Wagner F, Ziegler C, Takagi K, Bonal D.  2019.  Interannual and {Seasonal} {Variations} in {Ecosystem} {Transpiration} and {Water} {Use} {Efficiency} in a {Tropical} {Rainforest}. Forests. 10:14.
M. d’Alessandro M, Tebaldini S., Quegan S., Soja M.J, Ulander L.MH, Scipal K..  2020.  Interferometric {Ground} {Cancellation} for {Above} {Ground} {Biomass} {Estimation}. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. 58:6410–6419.
Bossu J, Lehnebach R, Corn S, Regazzi A, Beauchêne J, Clair B.  2018.  Interlocked grain and density patterns in {Bagassa} guianensis: changes with ontogeny and mechanical consequences for trees. Trees. :1–13.
Gauzens B, Legendre S, Lazzaro X, Lacroix G.  2016.  Intermediate predation pressure leads to maximal complexity in food webs. Oikos. 125:595–603.
Wingate L., Ogée J., Cremonese E., Filippa G., Mizunuma T., Migliavacca M., Moisy C., Wilkinson M., Moureaux C., Wohlfahrt G. et al..  2015.  Interpreting canopy development and physiology using a {European} phenology camera network at flux sites. Biogeosciences. 12:5995–6015.