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Clair B, Ghislain B, Prunier J, Lehnebach R, Beauchêne J, Alméras T.  2019.  Mechanical contribution of secondary phloem to postural control in trees: the bark side of the force. New Phytologist. 221:209–217.
Damgaard C.  2020.  Measurement Uncertainty in Ecological and Environmental Models. 35:871–873.
Stuart-Haëntjens E, De Boeck HJ, Lemoine NP, Mänd P, Kröel-Dulay G, Schmidt IK, Jentsch A, Stampfli A, Anderegg WRL, Bahn M et al..  2018.  Mean annual precipitation predicts primary production resistance and resilience to extreme drought. 636:360–366.
Peng X, Li X, Wang C, Fu H, Du Y.  2018.  A {Maximum} {Likelihood} {Based} {Nonparametric} {Iterative} {Adaptive} {Method} of {Synthetic} {Aperture} {Radar} {Tomography} and {Its} {Application} for {Estimating} {Underlying} {Topography} and {Forest} {Height}.. Sensors. 18
Bestion E, Teyssier A, Aubret F, Clobert J, Cote J.  2014.  Maternal exposure to predator scents: offspring phenotypic adjustment and dispersal. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 281
Soja MJ, Quegan S, d’Alessandro MM, Banda F, Scipal K, Tebaldini S, Ulander LMH.  2021.  Mapping above-ground biomass in tropical forests with ground-cancelled {P}-band {SAR} and limited reference data. Remote Sensing of Environment. 253:112153.
Soja MJ, Quegan S, d’Alessandro MM, Banda F, Scipal K, Tebaldini S, Ulander LMH.  2021.  Mapping above-ground biomass in tropical forests with ground-cancelled {P}-band {SAR} and limited reference data. Remote Sensing of Environment. 253:112153.
Grossiord C, Sevanto S, Limousin J-M, Meir P, Mencuccini M, Pangle RE, Pockman WT, Salmon Y, Zweifel R, McDowell NG.  2018.  Manipulative experiments demonstrate how long-term soil moisture changes alter controls of plant water use. Environmental and Experimental Botany. 152:19–27.
Szukics U, Grigulis K, Legay N, Kastl E-M, Baxendale C, Bardgett RD, Clément J-C, Lavorel S, Schloter M, Bahn M.  2019.  Management versus site effects on the abundance of nitrifiers and denitrifiers in {European} mountain grasslands. Science of The Total Environment. 648:745–753.
Wolters J-W, Reitsema RE, Verdonschot RCM, Schoelynck J, Verdonschot PFM, Meire P.  2019.  Macrophyte-specific effects on epiphyton quality and quantity and resulting effects on grazing macroinvertebrates. 64:1131–1142.
Wang Y, Jensen LStoumann, Magid J.  2017.  Low-P solution culture can be used for screening root growth vigor in soil for high nutrient uptake of spring wheat varieties. 68:130–138.
Letts MG, Rolo V, Rambal S.  2012.  Long-term physiological and morphological acclimation by the evergreen shrub {Buxus} sempervirens {L}. to understory and canopy gap light intensities. Trees. 26:479–491.
Autret B, Mary B, Strullu L, Chlebowski F, Mäder P, Mayer J, Olesen JE, Beaudoin N.  2020.  Long-term modelling of crop yield, nitrogen losses and {GHG} balance in organic cropping systems. 710:134597.
van der Bom F, Magid J, Jensen LStoumann.  2018.  Long-term fertilisation strategies and form affect nutrient budgets and soil test values, soil carbon retention and crop yield resilience. 434:47–64.
van der Bom F, Nunes I, Raymond NSophie, Hansen V, Bonnichsen L, Magid J, Nybroe O, Jensen LStoumann.  2018.  Long-term fertilisation form, level and duration affect the diversity, structure and functioning of soil microbial communities in the field. 122:91–103.
Chassé M, Luftalla S, Cécillon L, Baudin F, Abiven S, Chenu C, Barré P.  2020.  Long-term bare fallow soil fractions reveal thermo-chemicalproperties controlling soil organic carbon dynamics.
Uusheimo S, Tulonen T, Huotari J, Arvola L.  2020.  Long-Term (2001–2020) Nutrient Transport from a Small Boreal Agricultural Watershed: Hydrological Control and Potential of Retention Ponds. 12:2731.
Pinagé ERangel, Keller M, Duffy P, Longo M, dos-Santos MNara, Morton DC.  2019.  Long-{Term} {Impacts} of {Selective} {Logging} on {Amazon} {Forest} {Dynamics} from {Multi}-{Temporal} {Airborne} {LiDAR}. Remote Sensing. 11:709.
Winandy L, Cote J, Di Gesu L, Pellerin F, Trochet A, Legrand D.  2019.  Local predation risk and matrix permeability interact to shape movement strategy. Oikos. 128:1402–1412.
Bestion E, Teyssier A, Richard M, Clobert J, Cote J.  2015.  Live {Fast}, {Die} {Young}: {Experimental} {Evidence} of {Population} {Extinction} {Risk} due to {Climate} {Change}. PLoS Biology. 13:e1002281.
Hartke J, Waldvogel A-M, Sprenger PP, Schmitt T, Menzel F, Pfenninger M, Feldmeyer B.  2021.  Little parallelism in genomic signatures of local adaptation in two sympatric, cryptic sister species. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. n/a
Pereira S, Burešová A, Kopecky J, Mádrová P, Aupic-Samain A, Fernandez C, Baldy V, Sagova-Mareckova M.  2019.  Litter traits and rainfall reduction alter microbial litter decomposers: the evidence from three {Mediterranean} forests. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. :fiz168.
Catzeflis FM, Lim BK, Da Silva CRegina.  2019.  Litter size and seasonality in reproduction for {Guianan} rodents and opossums. Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment. 54:31–39.
J V, C F, H W, J G, C L, E O.  2020.  Litter of mediterranean species as a source of volatile organic compounds. Atmospheric Environment. 242:117815.
Hmimina G, Hulot FD, Humbert JFrançois, Quiblier C, Tambosco K, Lemaire BJ, Vinçon-Leite B, Audebert L, Soudani K.  2019.  Linking phytoplankton pigment composition and optical properties: {A} framework for developing remote-sensing metrics for monitoring cyanobacteria. Water Research. 148:504–514.