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McKenzie DJ, Palstra AP, Planas J, MacKenzie S, Bégout M-L, Thorarensen H, Vandeputte M, Mes D, Rey S, De Boeck G et al..  2020.  Aerobic swimming in intensive finfish aquaculture: applications for production, mitigation and selection. 13:138–155.
Rodgers EM, Opinion AGrace R, Isaza DFGomez, Rašković B, Poleksić V, De Boeck G.  2021.  Double whammy: Nitrate pollution heightens susceptibility to both hypoxia and heat in a freshwater salmonid. 765:142777.
Shrivastava J, Rašković B, Blust R, De Boeck G.  2018.  Exercise improves growth, alters physiological performance and gene expression in common carp (Cyprinus carpio). 226:38–48.
Reitsema RE, Preiner S, Meire P, Hein T, De Boeck G, Blust R, Schoelynck J.  2020.  Implications of climate change for submerged macrophytes: effects of {CO}2, flow velocity and nutrient concentration on Berula erecta. 54:775–793.
Rodgers EM, De Boeck G.  2019.  Nitrite-induced reductions in heat tolerance are independent of aerobic scope in a freshwater teleost.
Reitsema RE, Wolters J-W, Preiner S, Meire P, Hein T, De Boeck G, Blust R, Schoelynck J.  2020.  Response of Submerged Macrophyte Growth, Morphology, Chlorophyll Content and Nutrient Stoichiometry to Increased Flow Velocity and Elevated {CO}2 and Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations. 11
Opinion AGrace R, De Boeck G, Rodgers EM.  2020.  Synergism between elevated temperature and nitrate: Impact on aerobic capacity of European grayling, Thymallus thymallus in warm, eutrophic waters. 226:105563.
Castaldo G, Pillet M, Ameryckx L, Bervoets L, Town RM, Blust R, De Boeck G.  2021.  Temperature Effects During a Sublethal Chronic Metal Mixture Exposure on Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio). 12