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Gargallo-Garriga A, Sardans J, Llusià J, Peguero G, Asensio D, Ogaya R, Urbina I, Van Langenhove L, Verryckt LT, Courtois EA et al..  2020.  {31P}-{NMR} {Metabolomics} {Revealed} {Species}-{Specific} {Use} of {Phosphorous} in {Trees} of a {French} {Guiana} {Rainforest}. Molecules. 25:3960.
Gargallo-Garriga A, Sardans J, Llusià J, Peguero G, Asensio D, Ogaya R, Urbina I, Van Langenhove L, Verryckt LT, Courtois EA et al..  2020.  {31P}-{NMR} {Metabolomics} {Revealed} {Species}-{Specific} {Use} of {Phosphorous} in {Trees} of a {French} {Guiana} {Rainforest}. Molecules. 25:3960.
Rodríguez C, Fusani L, Raboisson G, Hödl W, Ringler E, Canoine V.  2020.  Androgen responsiveness to simulated territorial intrusions in {\textless}em{\textgreater}{Allobates} femoralis{\textless}/em{\textgreater} males: evidence supporting the challenge hypothesis in a territorial frog. bioRxiv. :2020.11.15.383364.
Girod C, Matzke D.  2020.  Annotated checklist of the {Dermaptera} ({Insecta}) of {French} {Guiana}. Zoosystema. 42:57–76.
Maggia M-E, Decaëns T, Lapied E, Dupont L, Roy V, Schimann H, Orivel J, Murienne J, Baraloto C, Cottenie K et al..  2020.  At each site its diversity: {DNA} barcoding reveals remarkable earthworm diversity in neotropical rainforests of {French} {Guiana}. bioRxiv. :2020.09.21.307348.
Rodríguez C, Amézquita A, Ringler M, Pasukonis A, Hödl W.  2020.  Calling amplitude flexibility and acoustic spacing in the territorial frog {Allobates} femoralis. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. 74:76.
Verryckt LT, Ellsworth DS, Vicca S, Van Langenhove L, Peñuelas J, Ciais P, Posada JM, Stahl C, Coste S, Courtois EA.  2020.  Can light‐saturated photosynthesis in lowland tropical forests be estimated by one light level? Biotropica. 52:1183–1193.
Privet K, Pétillon J.  2020.  Comparative patterns in taxonomic and functional spider diversities between tropical vs. temperate forests. Ecology and evolution. 10:13165–13172.
Vacher J-P, Manzi S, Rodrigues MTrefaut, Fouquet A.  2020.  The complete mitochondrial genome of {Iphisa} elegans ({Reptilia}: {Squamata}: {Gymnophthalmidae}). Mitochondrial DNA Part B. 5:3088–3090.
Verryckt LT, Van Langenhove L, Ciais P, Courtois EA, Vicca S, Peñuelas J, Stahl C, Coste S, Ellsworth DS, Posada JM et al..  2020.  Coping with branch excision when measuring leaf net photosynthetic rates in a lowland tropical forest. Biotropica. 52:608–615.
Ramalho MO, Duplais C, Orivel J, Dejean A, Gibson JC, Suarez AV, Moreau CS.  2020.  Development but not diet alters microbial communities in the {Neotropical} arboreal trap jaw ant {Daceton} armigerum: an exploratory study. Scientific Reports. 10:7350.
Birer C, Moreau CS, Tysklind N, Zinger L, Duplais C.  2020.  Disentangling the assembly mechanisms of ant cuticular bacterial communities of two {Amazonian} ant species sharing a common arboreal nest. Molecular Ecology. 29:1372–1385.
Céréghino R, Corbara B, Leroy C, Carrias J-F.  2020.  Ecological determinants of community structure across the trophic levels of freshwater food webs: a test using bromeliad phytotelmata. Hydrobiologia. 847:391–402.
Ye D, Gibson JC, Suarez AV.  2020.  Effects of {Abdominal} {Rotation} on {Jump} {Performance} in the {Ant} {Gigantiops} destructor ({Hymenoptera}, {Formicidae}). Integrative Organismal Biology. 2
Donald J, Maxfield P, Leroy C, Ellwood MDFarnon.  2020.  Epiphytic suspended soils from {Borneo} and {Amazonia} differ in their microbial community composition. Acta Oecologica. 106:103586.
Gruson H.  2020.  Estimation of colour volumes as concave hypervolumes using α‐shapes. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
Casadei-Ferreira A., Fischer G., Economo E.P..  2020.  Evidence for a thoracic crop in the workers of some {Neotropical} {Pheidole} species ({Formicidae}: {Myrmicinae}). Arthropod Structure & Development. 59:100977.
Sonnleitner R, Ringler M, Loretto M-C, Ringler E.  2020.  Experience shapes accuracy in territorial decision-making in a poison frog. Biology Letters. 16:20200094.
Taheri S., Decaëns T., Cunha L., Brown G.G, Da Silva E., Bartz M.LC, Baretta D., Dupont L..  2020.  Genetic evidence of multiple introductions and mixed reproductive strategy in the peregrine earthworm {Pontoscolex} corethrurus. Biological Invasions. 22:2545–2557.
Brousseau L, Fine PVA, Dreyer E, Vendramin GG, Scotti I.  2020.  Genomic and phenotypic divergence unveil microgeographic adaptation in the {Amazonian} hyperdominant tree {Eperua} falcata {Aubl}. ({Fabaceae}). Molecular Ecology. n/a
Lemaire J, Marquis O, Bustamante P, Mangione R, Brischoux F.  2020.  I got it from my mother: {Inter}-nest variation of mercury concentration in neonate {Smooth}-fronted {Caiman} ({Paleosuchus} trigonatus) suggests maternal transfer and possible phenotypical effects. Environmental Research. :110494.