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Journal Article
Banda F, Giudici D, Le Toan T, d’Alessandro MMariotti, Papathanassiou K, Quegan S, Riembauer G, Scipal K, Soja M, Tebaldini S et al..  2020.  The {BIOMASS} {Level} 2 {Prototype} {Processor}: {Design} and {Experimental} {Results} of {Above}-{Ground} {Biomass} {Estimation}. Remote Sensing. 12:985.
Quegan S, Le Toan T, Chave J, Dall J, Exbrayat J-F, Minh DHo Tong, Lomas M, D'Alessandro MMariotti, Paillou P, Papathanassiou K et al..  2019.  The {European} {Space} {Agency} {BIOMASS} mission: {Measuring} forest above-ground biomass from space. Remote Sensing of Environment. 227:44–60.
Labriere N, Tao S, Chave J, Scipal K, Le Toan T, Abernethy K, Alonso A, Barbier N, Bissiengou P, Casal T et al..  2018.  In {Situ} {Reference} {Datasets} {From} the {TropiSAR} and {AfriSAR} {Campaigns} in {Support} of {Upcoming} {Spaceborne} {Biomass} {Missions}. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing.
Gelas C, Villard L, Ferro-Famil L, Polidori L, Koleck T, Daniel S.  2021.  Multi-{Temporal} {Speckle} {Filtering} of {Polarimetric} {P}-{Band} {SAR} {Data} over {Dense} {Tropical} {Forests}: {Study} {Case} in {French} {Guiana} for the {BIOMASS} {Mission}. Remote Sensing. 13:142.
Tebaldini S, Minh DHo Tong, d’Alessandro MMariotti, Villard L, Le Toan T, Chave J.  2019.  The {Status} of {Technologies} to {Measure} {Forest} {Biomass} and {Structural} {Properties}: {State} of the {Art} in {SAR} {Tomography} of {Tropical} {Forests}. Surveys in Geophysics. 40:779–801.