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There are currently No open positions at AnaEE-ERIC. Keep an eye on this page for any employee updates in the future.


AnaEE-ERIC recruitment policy

AnaEE-ERIC is an equal opportunity employer. As an organization it promotes equal opportunities and diversity. The only way to achieve scientific excellence is by considering every person on the basis of merit, ability, competences, and qualification. AnaEE-ERIC promotes respect, dignity and fair treatment for all and it will not tolerate discrimination or any kind of harassment, abuse of power and violence. AnaEE-ERIC will not tolerate any discrimination on whatever basis, origin, gender, sexual orientation, belief, etc.

AnaEE-ERIC strives for a gender balance in its positions of students, staff, and key personnel. User proposals will be treated to avoid biases based on gender or personality, according to the best practices.

Female candidates will be promoted for all new positions established or funded by AnaEE-ERIC. Staff members, including in-kind personnel, are recruited on a competitive basis according to the principle enunciated above.

In order to maintain the excellence of its services, AnaEE-ERIC has a strong policy for capacity building and talent attraction. This means attractive packages, opportunities for training, leadership for EU projects. Each staff will meet the Director General yearly, and its direct supervisor in between (heads of SCs) to precise the key activity areas, the objectives and tasks. A development and training plan will be designed for each employee.

We consider that young scientists will be in positions to start a strong, original research program, that will allow them insertion in the community, and be hired elsewhere. They will be also in position to establish a strong network with the community of users (either scientists and industry) that will help them for the future.

Some of them will also be able either to join the industry, or to found a start-up company for the spinoff of the AnaEE products that they will have contributed to build. In that respect, AnaEE will consider carefully the possibility of industry/public funding schemes for PhD students, such as the CIFRE in France, the industrial PhD program in Denmark, or the appropriate schemes in other countries.

For AnaEE, no need to say that this will be a tool to build a community of scientists, engineers, and business founders, that will be invaluable for the long-term sustainability of AnaEE, and warrants the evolution of its scientific objectives and performance.

Submitted on June 25, 2020

Updated on April 26, 2024