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Project Participation

AnaEE-ERIC - a sought-after partner in both the life and environmental sciences

In 2023 AnaEE-ERIC, as well as the Research Infrastructure at large, have continued and reinforced their partnership activities with other infrastructures, networks and institutions. This is reflected in the project and in the enlargement sections of this document. AnaEE-ERIC is a member of the clusters on environment (BEERI, Board of the European Environmental Research Infrastructures) and life sciences (LS-RI). We are pleased that the expertise of the ERIC, and platforms across all members of the RI, will be shared with the larger community via several projects in the coming years. Stay updated about our project participation and development by subscribing to our newsletter.


AnaEE-ERIC’s involvement with ESFRI Research Infrastructures in different EU projects.

AnaEE-ERIC as coordinator


The EU-funded AgroServ project will study the threats and challenges and deepen our understanding of how to achieve a resilient and sustainable agrifood system. This transdisciplinary project will bring together all actors of the agriculture system. Farmers are the first, thanks to a wide offer of living labs across Europe. By delivering a Europe-wide data ecosystem, AgroServ aims to grow the agroecology research community and support the cross-fertilisation of knowledge.

Running time: 1/09/2022 - 31/08/2027

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Submitted on March 13, 2024

Updated on May 24, 2024